8 Sports Movies That Inspired Million of Athletes

Movies are an important part of our lives. Whether you admit it or not they do have an effect on you. They have played a part in making you the person you are today. If movies were not important to us, we wouldn’t have a channel list like Spectrum TV choice channels list. Would we?

The thing about movies is that they can communicate messages to us in a unique way. Of course, this is not true with every movie. Most of Hollywood productions these days are just to make money. However, every occasionally a movie comes about that really has something to say. 

Usually, sports movies have something to say. In addition, usually, it is something inspirational. Perhaps that is why we love them so much. If you need some inspiration, here is a list of the most inspiring sports movies you can watch.

8 Sports Movies That have Inspired Athletes in Real-Life

It is no secret that movies are an individual taste. Not everyone can like the same movies, and perhaps not everyone should. However, there are always some movies that defy those laws. They speak a universal language and convey a message heard by all. Some are even powerful enough to inspire you to change your life. 

  1. Hoop Dreams
  2. Rocky Series
  3. Ali
  4. Miracle
  5. Rush
  6. The Karate Kid
  7. Major League
  8. Remember the Titans

 #1. Hoop Dreams (1994)

Hoop Dreams is one of the few movies that are truly timeless. There are endless lessons to be learned in this documentary. It follows two teens from Chicago, Arthur Agee and William Gates. At a very young age, the two knew that their calling was the NBA. They have to overcome racism, broken families, and poverty. 

Sure, there are some scenes in the movie that will have you sitting at the edge of your seat. Of course, the free throw scene is one of them. But the three-hour movie is so much more than sports. It takes a look at all the sides of a life in sports. 

#2. Rocky Series (1976 – 2006)

If we started listing out Rocky movies individually, they would claim 5 out of these 8 spots. So to be fair to the other contenders, let’s club them together. We have all seen the Rocky series. We can all agree that they deserve to be on the list. 

The boxing matches in Rocky are some of the most captivating ever filmed. But the movie is not so much about the matches themselves. It is about everything leading up to the matches. The emotional hardships, the physical torment. That is what makes a pro athlete. The Rocky series inspire millions to this day. 

#3. Ali (2001)

Muhammad Ali is among the greatest athletes that ever lived. And his life story is one that inspires so many people today. When this film released, starring Will Smith as Muhammad Ali, many couldn’t see its point. But today, it is still ranked amongst the most inspiring sports movies of all time. 

Sure, Will Smith was unable to capture the charisma and spirit of the real Muhammad Ali. But then again, who really could? The movie depicts the struggle of a man dedicated to triumph. He had to overcome race and politics to take what he wanted. What he deserved. A must watch if you are looking for a boost of inspiration.

#4. Miracle (2004)

A recreation of a true American victory, at a time when the people needed it the most. The movie takes us back to the late 1970s when the US economy was hurting. The US Men’s Olympic Team fought to win the 1980 gold medal at every step. 

The triumph of winning the 1980 Gold is still celebrated to this day. It is considered one of the most monumental wins of the nation. Kurt Russel encapsulated the spirit of coach Herb Brooks perfectly in this Gavin O’Connor film. It is a must watch for every sports fan, especially if you’re looking for a surplus of inspiration.

#5. Rush (2013)

Rush is an adrenaline filled movie about the greatest rivalry in Formula One history. Of course, it has to be about James Hunt and Nicki Lauda. And the way Ron Howard decided not to pick sides makes it more interesting. Usually, with any sports movie, there is a side you pick. But with this movie, Howard made sure that both, Hunt and Lauda are presented equally. 

Both men are searching for something that even victory falls short of. And since none is portrayed as the villain or hero, you find yourself in a weird position. You have to decide whom you want to support. 

#6. The Karate Kid (1984)

When The Karate Kid released, in 1984, there was no way anyone could have predicted the success. The original movie was an instant success. The movie is a true underdog story that we love so much. The reason it enjoys such success is because of the lead character, played by Ralph Machio. 

The character of Daniel LaRusso is so relatable. You can’t help but cheer him on in the final showdown. 

#7. Major League (1989)

Major League is regarded as an actual favorite of every Major League Baseball player. The movie is one of the all-time favorites. And deserves its spot in this list. If you are looking for an inspirational movie, it doesn’t get any better than this.

#8. Remember the Titans (2000)

An American Football story that captured our hearts. Remember the Titans is the recreation of a true story. It follows coach Herman Boone as he accepted a position as the head coach. The team has to overcome their own racist traditions and learn to work together. It is a truly inspirational movie and one that you have to watch, at least once. 


Such inspirational movies come along occasionally. With so much going on in our lives, it always helps to get a dose of inspiration. If you are sitting at home flipping through your TV and can’t find any channels with good movies. You need to have Samsung TV codes for getting the ultimate entertainment channels with great sports movies. Go over to the on-demand section and select one of them. it would be money well spent. ,

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