A Few Unique Wedding Attire Combinations for Brides & Grooms

There was a time when the bride and groom only worried about the décor of the marriage halls in Chennai not clashing with their attires. Imagine the horror if the venue was decorated in the exact shades as the wedding dress of the bride! She would blend into the background, instead of standing out. Today, the worry is much more exhaustive than the décor of the marriage hall. The threads of the bride and the groom should make a unique combination. Why the sudden change? Because when the couple’s outfits are coordinated, it makes for gorgeous photographs.

To achieve this goal, couples have been colour coordinating (or contrasting) their wedding outfits. The trend is not only super adorable but also makes for a personal touch to the D-Day. If you are looking for inspiration and ideas for your wedding outfits, we’ve got you covered. Here are some coordinated wedding garments that have enthralled us with their majesty.

· Match The Embroidery  

Instead of matching the colour of the groom’s tuxedo, tie or waist-coat to that of the bride’s gown or lehenga, try matching the embroidery. For example, if the bride is wearing a gorgeous pastel pink gown with white embroidery on it, why not let the groom where an all-white tuxedo. The matching gown work with suit colour combination makes for incredible picture composition. 

· Bright Yellow Shades

If colours are your thing, then we recommend the bride and the groom to pick summery yellow. The bright colour gives a cheerful and happy look to the day and the printed memories. Since yellow is the traditional colour for the haldi ceremony, keep this idea for the outfit of the day. To bring a pop to the yellow, the bride can look for a lehenga with floral print or embroidery in hot pink. The groom can opt for a Nehru coat in yellow with slight floral embroidery in similar shades!

· Lighter Pink Tones

Not every function of the wedding demands a bright or loud colour. Some celebrations like the cocktail party call for a lighter hue like a baby pink. The groom can wear a waist-coat in the same pink shade as the lehenga, chunni or choli of the bride!

· Traditional Colours

The one day you can be absolutely traditional is the wedding day. Therefore, eschew all the new and modern ideas and stick to traditional orange or red. The groom can wear orange kurta while the bride can get a blouse made in the same shade. The best part is that orange is a unique colour that suits almost all skin tones and comes in a wide range of shades! 

· Contrasting Colours

For some couples, wearing related colours on any of the wedding functions is too cliched. If you are one of those brides and grooms, then the advice is to opt for stark contrast combination. For instance, if the bride is wearing a royal magenta attire, then the groom can wear a pastel peach sherwani. The juxtaposition of the dark tone with a light shade creates genuinely stunning images. 

· Matching Fabric

Who says the only similarity in the wedding outfits can be colour? If your heart is not set on matching shades, why not pick a similar fabric. E.g., if the girl wears a gorgeous, flowing chiffon floral lehenga for the sangeet, then the boy can opt for a Sadri made from the same fabric. 

· Matching Accessories

Many a groom shy away from loud colours in their attire. If such is the case, how do you get the couple to have matching wedding outfits? The answer lies with accessories. Instead of wearing a dress in similar colours, the groom can accessorise his attire in the same shade as the bride’s dress. Pick the most prominent colour from the lehenga and find a pocket square, necktie or pagdi in the same shade!

Couples collaborating their attire for the wedding day has been a trend in vogue for a year or two now. It doesn’t seem to be abating any time soon and with good reason. If you browse through the photos of weddings where the bride and groom coordinated either in colour or style, you’ll be flabbergasted. The images are fun, vibrant, symmetrical, royal and just plain beautiful. So, after you are done picking a marriage halls in Chennai, pick a coordinated wedding outfit.

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