A Guide To Choosing Hiking Sunglasses

We all love hiking our favorite trails. To immerse yourself in the wonders of nature is something that everyone should experience once in a while, and when doing so, sunglasses are an essential add-on. The ideal pair of sunnies provide essential eye protection in all conditions, plus they should be visually attractive, of course, and if you are on the lookout for a suitable pair of sunglasses for hiking, here are a few tips.

  • Polarized Lenses – Polarized sunglasses eliminate glare, which is why pilots and drivers always wear them, and if you are going to be near water, polarized sunglasses cut out the glare caused by the rays of light reflecting on the water. Fishermen wear polarized shades so they can see fish under the water, and the difference between regular and polarized lenses is very noticeable. The product description will tell you if the lenses have a Polaroid coating. Avoid any shades that are not polarized, if you wish to appreciate the finer details when hiking.
  • Durability – The very nature of hiking demands a high level of durability, and rather than going shopping for shades, you can buy indestructible sunglasses online from a leading supplier. For around $50, you can acquire a great pair of polarized shades with a UV400 rating, which provides 100% protection against harmful ultra-violet rays. The arms are bendable and always retain their shape, and if you’ve ever ruined an expensive pair of sunnies while on a camping trip, you know the importance of durability. The arms should bend easily and always return to their original shape, which is possible if they are made with a special composite plastic, and when you sit on them, all is not lost.
  • UV Protection – UV400 rating is the only one you should accept, as this gives you 100% UV protection, and with very strong sunlight flashing through the tree canopy, those forest walks demand good eye protection. Aviators or Wayfarers are great styles for hiking, as they hug the face and have large lenses, which is preferable when out in the wilderness.
  • Wrap-Around Style – When making your way through wooded areas, you need complete eye protection. With a sports style wrap-around pair, the lenses hug the face on every contour, protecting not only the eyes, but the entire area around them. If the frames fit tight, you won’t have to worry about them falling off while rambling through brush or negotiating a stream, and most hikers have their shades on a length of string, so they can remove them easily.

How exactly do you find sunglasses that fit all of the above? The answer lies with a simple Google search, which takes you to a leading online designer sunglasses supplier, where you can find the ideal shades, and with a great no-quibble product warranty, you can be sure they are built to handle everything and some more! You might be expecting to pay at least $100 for a decent pair of sunnies, but, for around half of that, you can buy designer sunglasses that will go the distance and provide that essential eye protection.

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