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No matter what type of project you are working on, various factors affect it directly or indirectly. Your project’s completion is dependent on these factors. You might be your company’s best project manager or just got promoted for the position; regardless of the situation, you will be looking forward to producing the most effective strategy to stand out among the rest. But there are numerous factors to be ensured for smooth operations of organizational structures.

Planning for all these factors signifies that you meet the least amount of hurdles on your way and that your project will flourish the way you want. Difficulties and obstacles can’t be entirely avoided in the practical world. But adequate planning will suffice. If you plan well and pay attention to all the details that are involved, you can generally make it work. 


There are several things that you can do to make sure that your project completes on time. Your team plays a vital role in this regard. You cannot imagine working with a group of people that don’t know how to work together and are unable to blend in with the work environment. 

Nowadays, things are easier for project managers as they have all types of project management software and tools available to make project management a piece of cake. The idea is to find a tool that provides you with every aid since organizing the tasks is crucial for operations at any level. Most of the time, the processes have to be performed simultaneously. That may lead their team to confusion and ambiguity. Incomplete or late provisions of information may end up complicating even the smallest of tasks. 


With @work, you don’t have to worry about all that. It is a simple and user-friendly project management tool that encompasses all the activities and tasks that you might need for your project. Here’s what you can do with @work.


Two factors affect the successful completion of any project. Firstly, you might have fewer resources, which means that you will have to divide the limited resources for all the tasks to be performed. If you couldn’t manage for a smart allocation of your investment, you can prepare yourself for the eventual downfall. 

@work allows monitoring of your resources, and you can assign them according to the tasks at hand. The employees must know their job and responsibility regarding the on-going project. You can also check on a weekly or daily basis so that you understand how people are working and whether you should relocate them to another task or not. This will enable you to keep an iron grip on your organizational matters at all times.  


A lot of the people working for you will only know you through the communication that they get. It may be memos, voice messages, emails, or other mediums. The thing is to make sure that you are in constant communication with your entire team and your heads of different departments can do the same. With @work, you can create different hierarchies so that everyone is always in touch with authority from the management and that there is still someone ready to help them out if they ever get stuck. This will also help ensure that you communicate messages clearly, so there are no mistakes and mishaps. It will also give your team members a platform where they can discuss their problems and hurdles that they are facing. This transparency in communication will ensure that your workflow is always at an optimum level. 


As a project manager, you will still be in meetings discussing various things with various people. One of the best ways to kick off a meeting is to start with a planning session. This way, everyone gets to offer ideas to the team, and it gets the creative thoughts flowing. @work allows you to hold team planning sessions online. You don’t have to set up a physical meeting to help enhance the creativity of your teams. You can stay in your office or even at home if you want. You can quickly implement a BYOD strategy in your office and enable your teams to work as effectively and efficiently as they can.

The best part is that @work comes with the best security protocols so that having a BYOD strategy will not negatively affect you. All the data that you share with your team(s) and the messages that go back and forth between you and your team will always stay between the group, and no outsider can ever access them. 


A lot of project managers are very good at creating a schedule, but since they are always busy with one thing or another, they cannot update the plan as much as they should. Even if they do update the schedule, they just enter a percentage that usually isn’t accurate. This is an excellent way of setting yourself up for a significant obstacle or failure. 

With @work, you can maintain your schedule automatically and monitor and control it in real-time to see what has been done and what hasn’t. Check out all the tasks that you have assigned and see who is still lagging. With updated records and reports, you will never have to face a sudden and extreme issue and will always have a handle on things. You will be able to finish your work on time and can consistently predict the future based on data rather than guesswork.

Another aspect of monitoring and controlling is the documentation that is supposed to be generated based on the work done. You will be responsible for creating and sharing reports with your managers about the amount of work done, the work left, and other aspects of the project. How many milestones have been achieved, and whether the results received are according to expectation or not? This tells you whether you need additional resources or not. With @work by your side, you can generate these reports automatically; create them whenever you like, or set up reports when specific points have been fulfilled.


Suffice it to say that a Project Manager’s job is not as easy as it seems. But with state of the art tools like @work, they can become a lot easier to manage. Whether you are a seasoned PM or you have just become one, you can use the plethora of features that @work enables you to make sure that you stay at the top of your game, and nothing takes you by surprise.

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