Be Proactive About These Prevalent Truck Rental Scams

Moving from one location to another is indeed an arduous task, and it may also very well be that the mover does not pay attention to some subtle aspects of the company they have hired for the completion. Reports of fraud from a truck rental company are not something that has gone unnoticed by the customers, however difficult these red signs pose when trying to distinguish by the client. 

With so many truck rental companies prevalent in the market, and even larger schemes that each of them provides, it is considered a challenging task to differentiate between the original and the scam. Rental scams have indeed become the norm in the workings of various logistic service providers in Dubai, and protecting yourself is something every client must be aware of; however, it is also necessary to identify these scams and their face value initially. The foremost protection that any customer can guarantee for themselves is being aware of what kind of scams he/she may be involved in by the company. In such cases, pointing your finger out to the signs becomes crucial, which can only be possible once you are aware of what these scams include. 

The deposit value 

At the time of hiring a truck rental for your move to another location, it is not uncommon for the logistics company to ask for a fair amount of the entire fee to be deposited before the day of the move. However, what can be regarded as fishy if the service provided asks for a hefty amount of the total fee to be deposited in advance. This may very well be comprehended as their plan of disappearing after taking the advance money and not showing up on the day of the move. Security deposits are a must norm to establish a certain level of trust between the customers and the service providers, yet don’t blow caution to the wind and just pay whatever the company asks of you. 

The price increase

It is essential for every client before finalizing which service provider to properly ask about every hidden fee and tariffs that the company might pose after the move has been completed. An unexpected price increase immediately after delivering the belongings on the new location is the most common type of scam that a client may go through. In this kind of fraud, a reasonably low price is presented to the customer to attract him/her, which is then suddenly doubled or even tripled upon arriving at your new home. The new amount demanded might be in any form, whether it be some extra charges, hidden fees, or any tariffs. An appropriate method to avoid this scam can be to ask for a binding contract between the movers and the client not to exceed the price estimate after the move. 

The insurance fraud 

Most people fall under this kind of illegal scam due to the false promise made by the movers to provide a complete reimbursement in case any damage occurs to the belongings when under the care of the truck rental services. More often than not, the insurance offered to the customers is by a third party, whereas the moving company offers no covering charges for the same at all. However, it is to be noted that any company, whether the insurance of the logistics, offering a full reimbursement must be considered as an instant alarm bell. 

The illegal service 

Some logistic companies might not scam you directly; however, if unregistered under the government of the state may still pull you in if caught. It is crucial to get your belongings transported by an utterly legitimate company; otherwise, the risk of all your belongings getting confiscated is enormous. They may be taken and held as evidence should the illegal movers be discovered. 

For a safe and secure move that you desire, contact the renowned logistics service provider in Dubai, Trukkin. With their up to the marked delivery without any history of scams, the customer can rest free and focus entirely on making their new home warm and inviting. 

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