Best Spy Apps for Android Devices 

Android phone technology is on the rise and day by day its influence is increasing no time ever before. In a current scenario android, mobile phones and gadgets largely manufacturing by the companies and people are blindly using the contemporary android device due to its user-friendliness. Therefore, people from all ages using Android smartphones and tablets and today youth has become second to none using the Android devices.

 On the other hand, people belong to the corporate world are purchasing Android devices for their employees to perform operations to boost the productivity of the business. Adults who are in a relationship also use the digital devices of android to stay in contact with each other.

 Therefore due to rise and the rise in android cell phones and gadgets worldwide, there are plenty of people that are looking forward to spying on android using best spy software for Android devices. So, we have accumulated the best spy apps for android for you that empower you to monitor android to the fullest.


XNSPY is among the most sophisticated spying apps for Android. It has a wide range of advanced features, such as call and text monitoring, social media tracking, and an online activity tracker. There are other features too, such as access to multimedia and GPS location. You can also remotely control the device. You can lock it, turn it off, or even wipe all data in case of theft. XNSPY lets you create a blacklist of certain words or contacts too. So you will receive an instant alert if a word you have added to the list is mentioned in a text message, or typed within a search engine. Similarly, you can add a contact to the blacklist, so you’ll know of any communication with it immediately. If you’re a parent trying to monitor your child, the alert feature can be very handy. Other features include the ability to take screenshots, use the microphone to record surroundings, access statistical reports, and a keylogger.

XNSPY offers a range of subscription packages to suit your needs, which gives makes it quite affordable too.

There are following top cell phone spy apps for android devices that are best in the business today. Let’s have a brief discussion on every single brand. 


It’s across –platforms that empower you to spy on android cell phones and gadgets especially when it comes to digital parenting and for employee monitoring. Parents can use it to make sure kids and teen’s online safety in terms of tracking all the activities happen on the target device on Android. 

However, employers can use TheOneSpy android spy app to monitor employees company’s owned android digital devices. It has a user –friendly interface and you can easily install it on the target android device because it is compatible with all contemporary android phones. There are many apps to monitor your child’s online activity. This app will help you to keep an eye on your children.

 In addition, it is packed with plenty of android monitoring high –tech tools that provide you an exciting experience. You can monitor the GPS location of android, cell phones call, social media monitoring, live screen recording, email monitoring, and browsing activities, surround monitoring, remote phone controller and plenty of others alike. 

All you need to do is to install cell phone spy app on your target device running with an Android device and then you need to get access to the electronic web portal where you can use all these tools to track android phone within no time. 

Mostly android spy app empowers the user to monitor the android in real –time. The end user can use its multiple packages that are available on the web page. Visit TheOneSpy review and get started to have peace of mind for digital parenting and for employee monitoring. 


It is one of the exceptional mobile phone monitoring software that enables the user to track target Android smartphones. Parents are very concerned about kids and teen is digital parenting it certainly the best ever parental control app for Android digital devices and empower parents to protect children from all types of digital dangers. In addition, employers can use it to monitor the company’s owned mobile phones and tablets provided to the employees to make a check on them, prevent time wasting or disgruntled activities. 

User can spy on android digital devices through its groundbreaking features. You can use it for the monitoring social media apps logs, email tracking, surveillance on emails sent received, remotely control cell phone, surround monitoring, screenshots capturing, live screen recorder, GPS monitoring of android and last but not the least to spy on browsing activities. Simply you can get your hand on it visiting the official website of the Ogymogy android spy app and get subscription online. In addition, you can perform monitoring using its online control panel where you can found all the tools. 


This particular android spying software offers multiple types of in-depth monitoring. It is a secret or undercover agent for you that works for you and provide comprehensive reporting or spying on the target cell phone. 

It has a complex interface that has not been designed for non –tech-savvy users. It’s plenty of android tracking tools such as cell phone call recording, messages monitoring, social media monitoring, surround recording and GPS tracker. 


You can use mobile phone spy app for Android in order to put someone’s android phone technology under surveillance. If you have to choose one out of all then you should go for TheOneSpy. 

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