Best Ways to Prepare for the California Real Estate Exam

Passing the California real estate exam is the most important step in acquiring a license and becoming an agent. When preparing for your exam, the first thing you require to succeed is a strong grasp of the material being tested. 

Pre-licensing lessons and California real estate crash course will have provided you with a great foundation in that aspect. On top of that, you may consider some ways to tip the scales in your favor and make sure that you pass your exam. Some of these ways are included below. 

1. Use Flashcards

Technology has transformed how people learn. Flashcards are effective and efficient educational tools to break down new subjects, such as real estate. If you have an exam in the next few hours, a flashcard can help you review real estate contracts, disclosures, financing, and property laws. 

To get the most of these flashcards, you may add pictures to have better retention. You can achieve this by copying or drawing an image on your card to help you remember the words. In addition, you can also consider:

• Keeping your studying sessions short

• Removing cards, you have already mastered

• Mixing up the order of flashcards

2. Obtain a Blocker for Your Computer

The internet is full of great information you may use to study effectively. However, instant access to some overwhelming content may also backfire. What started as a quick ride to your favorite website and social media feed may end with hours of wasted productivity and countless open tabs. 

The good news is that the advent of technology offers blockers for real estate candidates. You can download a blocker for your computer to overcome the temptations of distracting and addictive tech. Some of the best blockers you can get include:

• StayFocusd

• Freedom for Windows and Mac

• Limit

• Forest

• WasteNoTime

• Pause

• LeechBlock

3. Set Study Goals

In case you want to enhance your performance in your real estate exams, it’s important to have study goals. Each week, you must look at those goals and see whether you’re making progress or not. To make the goals more effective, you need to be specific. You can attain this by adding specific dates, numbers, times of revising, and details. 

At the same time, you will need to look for motivation by reading articles and journals related to real estate. Beyond making your goals specific and getting motivation, you may also:

• Plan for obstacles

• Identify your strategies and actions

• Choose rewards to enhance your motivation

• Consider pivoting

4. Take a Good Breakfast

Staying hydrated is important to avoid reduced alertness, diminished concentration, headaches, and tiredness. Therefore, if you have an exam in a few hours, you should start a day with a glass of water. Coffee and tea may also count, but they’re rich in high caffeine content. If you also want to have more concentration, you may consider taking:

• Whole grains

• Fruits

• Proteins

The Bottom Line!

Preparing thoroughly and diligently for your real estate exam will increase your chances of passing. While studying for the exam may not be a walk in the park, taking a good breakfast, accessing the right tools, and setting goals right will make things manageable for you.

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