Is bluestacks app player a safe application?

Today everyone in the world owns a smartphone. It has basically become an essential part of our life and affecting almost every single living being on this planet. It has both its positive side as well as the negative side. As the craze of these smartphones is increasing day by day people are becoming addicted to it due to two reasons

 1. Some for social media

 2. Some for the amazing games

 which are available only on these android and IOS platforms. After hours of research, our team has found a way through which we can control the addiction of playing games and checking our social media every second.

What to do ?

What if I say that you can reduce the time spent on your smartphone crucially on. If you want to run a prankster app on your computer bluestack is perfect for that and then you can be prank calling your friends and family to your hearts content Yes, you heard that right you can drastically reduce the time spent on your smartphone. Most of the time we spent on our smartphone is due to the android games and social media. These are the two main time-consuming things on our smartphones. 

But what if we are able to run both of these on our computer?.  Yes, Both of these things on our computer with the same android feel. All this is possible with the help of a revolutionary app called bluestacks. By using social media and playing android games on our computer we can save our time drastically. 

Safety Through Bluestacks

Do some people ask that Is bluestacks app player a safe application?. And the answer is yes, bluestacks is a very safe application. It provides safety in many ways. By playing games and using social media on smartphones we are both damaging our health and wasting our time enormously. Because the smartphone emits harmful radiation which is very dangerous for us. 

Anyone should never keep their phone close to there head at night. Those radiations from smartphones can cause many critical diseases like cancer, eye damage, etc. By using bluestacks the chances of these can be reduced. 

Is bluestacks safe ?

How much safe is the bluestacks app ?. After all, it is also a computer application which can be hacked and manipulated. Bluestacks is developed by an American technology company. It is such a popular application that it has a huge team for its cyber-security and safety purposes. It is a free platform for running android programs on your computer due to this it is called an android emulator. It is growing very rapidly and already has 380+ million users. This app has all the advanced cybersecurity measures installed in it so that any user can use the app without any problem. 


Bluestacks is a very safe and useful application for all. Every smartphone addict who thinks to escape his addiction must try this application. It is a very useful application and everybody must give it a try. To know more about the safety of the bluestacks app read this article on Dailyjunkies.      

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