BudgetVM Cloud Hosting Review: Pricing & Plans Comparison

Are you looking for some of the blog’s strongest servers? If yes, you are at the right place. Today, we will discuss some wonderful advantages of the best high level server known as BudgetVM.

What does BudgetVM mean?

With the latest Intel hardware, you get a top-quality server with BudgetVM. The BudgetVM is a fully customised as well as dedicated server provider. If you have a huge traffic website and you don’t want to see inactive websites even for a moment, then this is a great server for you.

BudgetVM gives you a SLA, DDOS protection and a 4,000 Gbps network for each dedicated server. Apart from this, if you have a server problem, you will be able to receive 24*7 customer support.

BudgetVm offers various servers below:-

  • Cloud Server
  • Dedicated Server
  • SSD VPS servers 
  • VPS Servers for OpenVZ
  • SSD VPS Servers for Windows

They have customers in more than 115 countries, 5 data centres in two countries and more than 8,000 servers. You’ll get enormous benefits from BudgetVM servers. Now we will see what incredible advantages, the BudgetVM servers will provide you with.

1. Support 24/7/365

Support is something we look for each time we look for good hosting providers.  BudgetVM offers customer support 24/7/365, which is incredible. If you have a problem with your server, you can request assistance because they claim customer support, which is active 24/7/365.

2. Instant Deployment

Their services are so fast that you’ll all be running your blog without problems in a few minutes. In less than 60 seconds, Cloud and VPS servers are ready. In less than 8 minutes, dedicated servers and smart servers are ready. That’s truly incredible. You will be ready, without any problems, within 8 minutes to run your high-traffic site with their help.

3. SLA guaranteed

Each budgetVM server delivers very smooth performance with excellent uptime. In your site, you’re not going to face any downtime.

4. Protection against DDOS

You can check the Budgetvm hosting reviews done by their customers. They provide their existing customers with incredible services. These days, DDOS attacks are on the rise every day. And it’s very common for large traffic sites. Your haters and competitors are attempting to attack the site.

The protection of DDOS is very important in this case. BudgetVM offers special DDOS protection for your website. Your money-making blog with BudgetVM servers is very secure.

5. Management of full servers

You can also purchase cPanel/WHM with a minimum cost, providing complete server management. If the management of your servers takes a lot of time, you can then hire them for all your servers without any problems with a small fee. If there are any problems or issues with the servers they will handle everything.

6. Servers with high performance

Their planning is pretty costly, but it is worth a single penny. You’re not going to regret your investment. With the BudgetVM servers you can see the super smooth performance.

7. Uptime of 100%

No other hosting provider will guarantee 100% uptime for you. But you get 100% uptime with BudgetVM. The customers are very satisfied with the services provided by BudgetVM. With BudgetVM, you won’t have downtime for even a second. BudgetVM can easily handle huge traffic as it supplies a dedicated server for your site.

Plan & Pricing of BudgetVM

As you know BudgetVM deals with various servers such as:-

  • Cloud Servers
  • Dedicated Servers
  • VPS server for SSD
  • VPS Server for Windows

All of this begins with various prices and you have to select the best according to your needs and demands on your blog. Now let’s talk one by one about their plans and prices. The table below shows the plans and pricing in detail.

Cloud Servers

On the enterprise-class servers powered by the latest Intel hardware, BudgetVM cloud servers provide instant scalability. The leading service level agreement, DDOS protection, 4000Gbps network and 24/7 support are included in every cloud server.

Dedicated Servers

BudgetVM devoted servers are enterprise class servers, fully customizable and powered by the latest Intel hardware.

VPS Servers for SSD

BudgetVM dedicated servers are enterprise class servers, fully customizable and powered by the latest Intel hardware.

VPS Server for Window

You can choose a window VPS server from BudgetVM if you want a safer and better high-class server.

Bonus Point  –  Become an BudgetVM Affiliate

The BudgetVM Affiliate Program provides an easy way to recommend our services and make money from those who sign up for products and services with us.

The BudgetVM Affiliate Program provides an easy way to recommend our services and make money from those who sign up for products and services with us.  

Satisfied customer


BudgetVM can be your best choice if you have a large traffic website. They have very high prices and plans. So if you just started your blog and don’t have a large website, don’t go for it. But if you’ve got an enormous website with lots of traffic and want to keep the site smooth and safe then this is a really great server. With them, you are going to get a super safe server. Take it, then, without any thought.