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In today’s time, the necessity of water purifiers cannot be denied, as the level of contamination in the water bodies has increased considerably in recent years. Many brands and water purifier companies are now offering water purifiers not only for household or residential uses, but also for commercial complexes, such as offices, hospitals, schools, and other governmental and private organizations. To ensure the health of individuals, establishments, such as offices, restaurants, shopping complexes, and others are opting to incorporate water purifiers in their premises, to offer safe and clean drinking water to the public.

Leading water purifier companies of the country are offering commercial water purifier that is efficient in solving various water-related issues, such as contamination, elimination of hardness from the water, etc. Companies are offering water purifiers to different commercial complexes for a range of uses. For instance, water purifier required in foodservice industry majorly helps in fulfilling the purpose of water needed in cooking along with drinking purposes, while water required purifiers at hospitals or schools are sole to offer purified drinking water to people.

Features of Commercial Purpose RO Purifiers

To achieve the highest form of safety, companies have started using food-grade plastic in the composition of not only residential use water purifiers but also in water purifiers designed for commercial purposes. Reverse osmosis is one of the widely used water purification technology adopted by industrial water purifier manufacturers, as RO membrane present within the purifier can significantly separate the contaminants and other dissolved impurities from the water, hence ensuring the supply of only purified drinking water.

Commercial RO water purifiers are laced with digital flow meters, safety switches, pressure gauges, flushing modes, and various additional and crucial features to ensure smooth operations.  Commercial purifiers also contain a UV lamp to ensure the removal of disease-causing germs present in the water. Additionally, these purifiers come with post-filters and pre-filters along with a moderate size storage tank.

The commercial RO purifiers offered by any reputed water purifier company are easily wall-mountable and can also be placed at a specific location or can be placed on floors. Various water purification techniques such as UV, UF, RF, and others ensure to achieve the highest level of purity in water, without consuming a large amount of energy and electricity. Different commercial purifiers have different filtration LPH capacity, mainly ranging from 35 LPH to 250 or 300 LPH. The price of the purifiers also depends on their purification and storage capacity per hour, along with their performance and other specifications.

Maintenance of Commercial Purifiers

Although commercial water purifiers are designed to bear many regular wears and tear efficiently, it is necessary to provide them with proper maintenance services to get the best out of them. Most of the companies offering commercial water purifiers provide them in a pre-assembled, tested, and pre-wired form that can be set up quickly at the desired location. However, to seek installation services from well-trained professionals is advised to avoid any damage to the device.

Various water purifier companies offer maintenance plans for water purifiers at reasonable prices, hence instead of approaching a local service centre contacting the parent company to seek maintenance-related services, such as cleaning of the purifier, repair of the purifier, etc. is suggested. A commercial RO water purifier is designed differently than the one intended for household purposes, hence the servicing required by these water purifiers are also different. To handle issues associated with commercial water purifiers well-trained professionals are needed that have hands-on experience in tackling issues related to large sized commercial purifiers.

Contacting the Customer Care

In case of any services required by a commercial water purifier, reaching the customer care department of the parent company of the RO purifier is the best thing to do. The customer care department will not only help you in registering your request but will also assist you with the appropriate solution of your queries or concerns.

A reputed commercial water purifier service provider will assure you quality and budget-friendly services, along with ensuring after service support to maintain your faith within them. When you reach out to customer care number of  RO service provider, along with registering your request you can also get information about different Kent AMC plans they offer for commercial water purifiers, their charges, or any other services you are looking to avail for your water purifier.

The customer care department of most of the reputed companies is easily approachable on all the days of the week. Many companies also offer on-site services at certain charges to make things easy and convenient for their customers. Additionally, if your device is in the warranty period, some specific services can be availed free of cost, however for some services that were not promised in the warranty you may need to pay an amount in case you want to avail those services for your water purifier.

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