Cancun 2021: reasons to consider booking an all-inclusive service if you are visiting this paradise

The pandemic turned our lives upside down and postponed almost every plan that we were making during the past two years. Trips and tourism were off the table because of Covid-19 and we had to re-schedule our agendas and think carefully about where and how to travel next.

We all love the idea of having a trip to Mexico and its beautiful beaches, and also enjoying quality time with our family or friends. But, at the same time, we would love to be sure that our health is taking care, and that we do activities that are fun and safe for us and everyone else.

For these, and many more reasons, considering this time to stay at an all-inclusive could be the answer to our needs, so that we have the chance to make our free time worth it, and receiving all sorts of amenities from top-class hotels too so that we are treated as we deserve.

Why Cancun?

We could be all day and night listing reasons and places this place has, but first, let’s picture the best image your brain can make of a Caribbean landscape, with white sand, crystal clear water, paradisiac beaches, nightlife, filled with nature, exotic animals, and dream-like views. Got it? Cancun is all that, to say the least.

You can visit archaeological ruins and learn about Mayan history; you can swim with dolphins or diving to see the whale shark; you can try kitesurfing or even play golf or tennis at their incredible courts; obviously, you shouldn’t avoid visiting Isla Mujeres or Chichén Itza.

Above all, Cancún has some of the most amazing beaches in the entire world, like Playa Mujeres for example, so you should take your time to investigate those spots and, who knows? You might even grant yourself a stay at some of the bests Playa Mujeres all-inclusive hotels.

And why all-inclusive hotels?

As we described earlier in this article, there is a wide variety of advantages that all-inclusive hotels offer, and to make it easy to see and understand, here’s a list of 4 huge pros:

  • Saving money: yes, you are reading correctly. But you must be wondering how, right? The answer is simple: when you get an all-inclusive option, you know in advance how much money you are going to spend.

    If you travelled before, you may have experienced to plan your touring and establishing how much money you are going to bring, but when you are there, you want to have some extra drinks, or getting a fabulous trip that you hadn’t considered, or buying some toys or clothes or souvenirs for your children or your family.

    Most of the time, this increases a lot the cost of the trip and your credit card ends up crying. So, if you go to an all-inclusive, you can book most of your journey in advance (and considering that everything is included in the pack you booked), and saving money in the process.
  • Countless activities: it is very common that all-inclusive hotels have a huge offer of things to do, even for kids, and a lot of them are scheduled so you can be wise and plan your day easily.

You can be at a wine tasting while the others are at the spa, or playing cards with other guests or using the gym, and the kids have a playground just for them, with videogames or movies to spend the night.

At the same time, the variety of meals and drinks that you can get at this kind of hotel, are a thing to remember, trust me.

  • Top quality services: In all-inclusive hotels, rest assure that everything is managed so you receive the best of the best. Facilities, food, drinks, activities and even premium WiFi connection.

    These includes customizing your experiences as you wish, so you can take time off the hotel or decide staying all day in there, and rest your head because every second you spend at the facilities, are going to be just like you want to.
  • Last, but not leats, health and hygiene: during this time, it is prior to enjoy your vacations in a way that everyone you travel with is safe. Top quality all-inclusive hotels give you masks, hand sanitizer and clean your bedrooms following strict protocols, so you can get that off your head and take advantage of the best of Cancún.
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