Chartering A Yacht In Toronto? Don’t Let These Hidden Charges Surprise You!

Almost every Canadian loves voyaging across the serene waters of Toronto. Chartering a yacht is the perfect way to soak up the summer sun and enjoy the extravagant boat culture without actually worrying about boat ownership. 

When you charter a yacht Toronto, you can enjoy several benefits. However, if your first time renting a boat, your yacht trip might end with surprising hidden costs. 

The costs of the yacht charter depend on several variable factors. Thus, the price you pay for renting the vessel might not be the only expense for your yacht journey. Other cost elements might add up during the course of your trip. 

The best way to avoid hidden costs springing up screaming “surprise” is by interacting with the watercraft owner. Reputed online venues for private yacht rental Toronto allow you to connect directly with yacht owners through an integrated messaging system. 

Let’s find out the costing factors of a private yacht charter holiday.

The Yacht Rental Fee

This is the rental charge of the vessel itself! The rental fee includes the yacht and the in-built amenities such as bedrooms, washroom, kitchen, deck, etc. 

Ask the yacht owner if the yacht rental fee is all-inclusive or expense-based. In all-inclusive charters, the rental price may include docking charges, food, and drinks, crew and captain charges. On expense-based charter, only the vessel fee is included. You’ll need to pay for extra expenses such as food charges, docking fees, fuel expenses, etc. 

Therefore, when you rent a yacht in Toronto, your first question should be, “What’s included within the rental fee?”

Food And Drinks Charges

A popular mistake committed by most first-times is an unclear understanding of food and drinks served on board. While all-inclusive yacht charters might have onboard food facilities included within the rental rate, expense-based charters don’t generally provide food and drinks.  

You can bring your own food (potluck parties, BYOB, etc.). Or you can have a discussion with the owner for availing onboard catering and bar facilities at an additional cost.

Every yacht listed on an online venue for luxury yacht rental Toronto can have different terms and conditions for catering services. 

Entry Permit Charges

Research the destinations you want to visit during your yacht journey. This will help you understand yacht-related expenses/fees in your destination of choice.

You’ll get an idea about the restaurant prices, entry permit charges, private excursions, etc., which may come up during the trip. 

You can plan your yacht holiday budget ahead and not burn a hole in your pocket with nasty surprises. 

Fuel Costs, Docking Fees, and Consumables Costs

Consumables expenses are the most surprising cost elements in a yacht charter trip. Fuel costs, water and electricity charges, docking fees are generally not a part of the base rental rate (unless specified by the yacht owner). 

When you board the yacht, it might have minimal fuel, and you’ll need to refill the tank as per your requirement. 

These additional changes post-booking might increase the yacht charter’s overall expenses. The most efficient way to prevent these surprise costs is by communicating with the owner while renting a vessel from an online rental venue for boat and jetski rental Toronto

The consumable costs are not just applicable for yacht charters but any other vessel you rent from an online rental venue. And don’t forget to read the description of the yacht listings. 

Water Toys

The best part about water holidays is the fun-filled water activities. From wakeboarding, water skiing, snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing to simply playing with inflatable tubes and donuts, all these activities can make your water adventure a memorable one. 

Generally, these water toys are available at an additional cost. 

When you charter a yacht in Toronto, maintain an open line of communication with the owner. Carefully read the cancellation terms, rental venue service charges, and any other applicable policies. 

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