15 Must-ask Questions in Your Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire

customer satisfaction questionnaire

A well-designed customer survey questionnaire lets you feel out your customers and identify whether they are likely to return your business for the product/service or not. It helps you analyze your customer retention, identify the gaps and strengths in your product/service, and devise your course ahead accordingly.

These benefits get lost if your customer satisfaction questionnaire does not cover some must-ask questions, rendering it pointless. Listed are 15 such questions, categorized by the objective, which must be present in your customer satisfaction survey. Plan to outsource your customer survey requirements to customer satisfaction survey companies. 

Note: Do tweak the questions according to your specific offering.


What your customer thinks about a particular product/service may not show the whole picture of what they feel about the brand. To uncover it, you must ask: 

  • Will you be recommending this company to a friend or colleague?

<Include a range of choices starting from Never to Definitely> 

  • Overall, how does our company make you feel?

<Include a range of choices starting from Extremely Dissatisfied to Extremely Satisfied> 


Spend a lot of time in designing this part of the survey to get an accurate sense of how your product/service is affecting the customer. If it’s a product/service they are excited about, irrespective of the verdict, they too shall fill it diligently. 

In isolation, your product/service may be brilliant. But you also need to gauge how it is faring in the market against its competitors.

  • What one feature impressed you the most about our product/service?

Quality | Pricing | Shopping Experience | Installation or First User Experience | Usability | Customer Service

  • How would you describe our product/service? Select all the applicable options.

<Include a range of choices starting from Poor quality to Extremely reliable with other important features on pricing, convenience and performance. >

  • How well did this product/service perform in meeting your requirements?

<Include a range of choices starting from Not at all well to Extremely well> 

  • How do you find the quality of the product/service?

<Include a range of choices starting from Very low quality to Very high quality> 

  • Compared to similar products/services in the market, how does this feel?

<Include a range of choices starting from Much worse to Much better> 

  • How would you rate the product/service in terms of value for money?

<Include a range of choices starting from Poor to Excellent> 


Effective customer experience is all it takes to make or break the value of your offering. Measure how impactful your customer support is with these questions in your customer service survey:

  • How helpful was our customer representative?

<Include a range of choices starting from Quite rude to Proactive & helpful> 

  • How knowledgeable did our customer representative seem to you?

<Include a range of choices starting from Did not know much to Expert> 

  • How easily were you able to locate our product/service?

<Include a range of choices starting from I needed help to Quite easily> 


The first rule of success in running a business – focus on retaining your customers than acquiring new ones. Many customer survey companies use the Net Promoter Score to understand if the customers are loyal (promoters) or if they will never come back to your business (detractors). 

And how loyal are your customers? You can find out easily by including these in your customer satisfaction survey:

  • How long have you been a part of our shoppers’ family?

<Include a range of choices starting from Never made a purchase to Three or more years> 

  • How likely are you to use our products/services again?

<Include a range of choices starting from Not at all likely to Extremely likely> 


Despite scoring high on all the points above, there may be a couple of suggestions the customer may have about the entire experience. Include these in your customer satisfaction questionnaire to find them:

  1. How satisfied are you with your purchase experience?

<Include a range of choices starting from Extremely dissatisfied to Extremely satisfied> 

  1. Would you like to share any comments, questions, or concerns you may have?


A robust questionnaire can help effect groundbreaking changes in the way your business runs. You need to make the right choice from the plethora of customer satisfaction survey companies out there to fulfil your survey requirements.

At Expert Callers, we do intensive research, evaluate your audience’s expectations and get a clear understanding of how you can meet them in the scope of your capabilities. 

Partner with Expert Callers to develop your survey questionnaire and unearth game-changing insights.

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