David A Walsh Bronxville Creator on The Importance of a Scene

For David A Walsh Bronxville the movie came from a single scene which he had been working on, this embryo of an idea then grew into a screenplay and he is currently working on another great movie which will be coming out in the near future. The power of a scene is something that cannot be underestimated and when you consider it, a movie itself is just a collection of great scenes. A very movie moment that has been memorable throughout the ages has been a single powerful scene and if you wish to become a great screenwriter then this is exactly where you should start. 

Key Features Which a Scene Should Have 

A scene should feature a certain number of components in order for it to work well. You should have a clear understanding of what the purpose of the scene is, sometimes it is to set up more scenes, sometimes it is to finish a story, and sometimes it is to begin something. Once you have an understanding of what the purpose of the scene is it is time to begin constructing it. Start off by thinking about who is in the scene and what their motivations are, then consider where the scene will begin and where it will end, and how you will take the scene from start to finish. Now consider the emotions or the mood of the scene, and how you can use the location and the dialogue to reflect that. 

Emotional Involvement 

When you break a movie or a TV showdown into scenes it is easier to see how we can win the viewer’s emotional involvement. This is why each scene, no matter how insignificant it may seem, must be given our full attention and we should approach every scene in the same way and with the same passion and energy. The world’s very best scriptwriters are able to utilize their own format when it comes to the creation of a scene and this formula is what helps them create a great scene each and every time. 


If we think about the important scenes in a TV show or a movie then we can see that they bookend chapters where there are none. Whilst some movies do follow the book-style ‘chapter’ announcements, this is not how movies are usually done, and instead, they use powerful or emotive scenes to begin or end a certain portion. This is why these powerful scenes are so strong and emotional because they help to manage the flow of the overall story.

If you want to become a screenwriter then for sure the most important thing is understanding how you can create amazing scenes. Once you do this you will be able to take that small scene, just as David A Walsh did, and turn it into something far greater such as a movie or a TV show. The scene is always the most important.  

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