Dino Tomassetti Jr – Why You have to Respect Housing Construction Regulations

Over the years we have learned an awful lot about the way in which we build both houses and properties and that is why we have arrived at a point where we have strict housing regulations. Despite the reasons as to why we have these building restrictions, there are many who think that they shouldn’t be stuck to or that they are draconian and in need of change. There are some experts in the industry like Dino Tomassetti Jr who understands perfectly why these regulations are in place and just how important it is that anyone who is planning a construction project, adheres to these rules and regulations. 

Risks Of Not Doing So 

The risks of not adhering to the rules can be pretty high and in some cases, they can also be extreme. IF you have not followed the regulations then you will first be inspected to see which building codes you are flouting, once this is done you will be fined and you will be asked to fix what you have done so that it falls in line with those regulations. If you still refuse to change then you will be brought before the court and at that stage, you will be hit with heavy penalties and you may also be brought up on criminal charges. 


As much as you may feel that the rules are over the top of that they are too much, it is important to remember that building code is there to ensure the absolute safety of all of those who are working on the project and those who are going to be using the property or the building. These rules and regulations have been developed over time by people who have reacted to things that have taken place so that they do not happen again. Whether you agree or disagree, it is important that they are obeyed. 


Much of the building code was brought about because there were some who were building extensions on their homes or other structures that would block the view of fellow residents or it would in some way change their way of living. Naturally, these have to be respected because otherwise, you could very well be encroaching on someone’s freedom. Things like noise pollution ruining the air quality during construction are important points for fellow residents which is why it is essential that you have a clear understanding of what your responsibilities are in this regard. 

Ultimately these regulations are there for a reason and that is to keep the world a safer and more respectful place. A failure on your part to properly follow the regulations will result in you facing charges and penalties and they are regularly enforced, no matter in what town or city you are building in. Most construction companies will not even break ground if they don’t believe that you have put a real plan in place to make sure that you adhere to these standards. 

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