Essential Things To Know Before Opting for Laser Hair Removal

Anybody who dreams of a stubble-free life knows the name of the only method that can make this dream come true. Yes, it is not waxing, tweezing, threading and shaving. Only laser hair removal promises long-lasting results bringing forth hair-free skin, ease in life, plus saving you hours spent waiting and getting other procedures done every fortnight.

Just like any other cosmetic procedure laser hair removal also has its perks and downsides. Additionally, we advise to do a fair amount of research regarding different aspects of this method and selecting a professional to get it done. To save this effort on your part we have the same up with the things to know before you go ahead for laser hair removal. And also recommendations for some of the best professionals in Pakistan for laser hair removal.

Things you Must Know Avant Laser Hair Removal

Expect Some Pain
Laser hair removal includes sending laser down the hair follicle which converts to heat and destructs the hair follicle and hair bulb. It will feel like a quick sharp pain and may feel more at areas with thin skin like nose and temples. Also if you go with already increased body temperature after climbing a flight of stairs, for example, you will sense more pain.

Several Sittings are Required
Do not expect to see instant results after the very first session. It will take from 8-12 treatments to see full results.

Trim Hair before Procedure
If you have thick hairs on the skin you will have a more disturbing experience accompanied by the smell of burnt hair. (not a pleasant one yeah!) So trim your hair a day before the procedure.

It’s a Fast Process
Expect short appointments. For facial hairs, a session as long as 20 minutes or shorter is enough. It’s a pretty fast process.

The heat from the procedure stays trapped in your skin for the next 24 hours. So you will need to avoid any activities that raise your body temperature and make an environment favorable for bacterial growth and hence spots. Avoid

  • Hot baths
  • Gym
  • Saunas etc

Time To take Sun Seriously

Your dermatologist will advise you to practice sun protection before and after the treatment. So if you have had a tan recently you will be asked to wait till it fades away.
Additionally do remember you may need to go for top-up treatments afterward. The period of which will be decided by hair growth and your preferences. Your dermatologist can suggest you better on this. A very small percentage of people may have hair that is not suitable for laser treatment. If it is so your doctor will advise you to use other methods for hair removal. To book your appointment for laser hair removal head over to and consult the best professionals in Pakistan for laser hair removal.