Explore Paying guest accommodations in the best locations of Delhi

Delhi holds the title of “Capital of India” for over a century now. It is home to 10 million people and continues to be the most ravishing cosmopolitan junction of the country. Being the capital of India, you are likely to observe Delhi with better roads, lush green trees, excellent infrastructures, foreign brands, exclusive restaurants, and much more. Delhi is a cynosure to migrants from all over and the reason protrudes to matchless education institutes, prominent IT sector, and unstoppable industries. Although crime rates, bad pollution, and crowded roads have damaged the image of the capital. Needless to say, the Government of India is putting extra efforts to control the damage. Having a secure and well- connected neighborhood is all that migrants aspire for when entering Delhi. Be it a paying guest accommodation, apartment, or an individual house on rent, it takes a lot to dig and find the best option. Unless you have the list ready for the finest locations in Delhi to stay. 

Prominent Paying guest locations for Women in Delhi – 

Paying guest accommodations to stand as the best option to consider in a metropolitan city like Delhi. The stay has all the necessities inducted at feasible rates. But the goal is to find a secure, friendly, and connected neighborhood. Especially the female population is concerned about their stay in Delhi because of the increased crime rates. Be it any hour of the clock, the environment should be safe to travel and live. The following are some of the prominent locations of Delhi, which are safe and sound, especially for women. – 

  1. Dwarka – It is the nearest sub-city to the Indira Gandhi International Airport. Dwarka lies in the west of South Delhi. It offers various types of accommodations that too under the budget. The neighborhood is accessible to nearby junctions such as – NCR region and Gurgaon. It has metro connectivity and many autos and uber passing by. So, the commute is probably not a hassle when living in the area. On the other hand, you can easily find grocery stores, fine restaurants, malls in Dwarka. Some of the famous hangout spots nearby are – Dwarka city center, sports complex, Café Di Milano, Café more life, etc. When looking a pg for girls in Delhi, Dwarka stands as an excellent option. A PG will cost around 8,000 INR – 12,000 INR monthly on a sharing basis in this location. 
  2. Udyog Vihar, Gurgaon –Gurgaon is the next emerging IT hub to Bangalore. You may find the dissimilitude in the types of people living altogether. Udyog Vihar is the perfect place to look in the pg for girls in Gurgaon. It is an area in Gurgaon which is a prime residential area and can be considered to stay. Being near to famous educational institutions and companies can save a lot of money and time on the commute. Gurgaon is one of the finest residential areas in the city. Also, there are many entertainment hubs in the sub-city such as – Kingdom of dreams, ambiance mall, Sultanpur national park, DLF cyber hub, etc. The average cost of pg for girls in Gurgaon costs around – 6000 INR to 10,000 INR. 
  3. Saket –Saket is a peaceful residential area with lots of greenery and refreshing parks around. The location is well connected to the various parts of Delhi through the metro, busses, uber, and autos. The public transport is strong and cheap so people who are fretting about living far can take a long breath. Renowned hangout spots and shopping areas in the location are – Mgf Metropolitan mall, KDP Park, etc. There are many apartments and independent houses offering to pay guest accommodation there. The neighborhood of Saket is well known for its chummy and safe environment. Pg for girls in Delhi, Saket can be expected around 7500 INR TO 11,000 INR. 
  4. Vasant Kunj – Vasant Kunj is a well- connected residential area located in New Delhi. The locality is developed so feasibly that schools, malls, restaurants, and hospitals are nearby. Its proximity to Indira Nagar international airport and other parts of Delhi enhances its value worth living. The most renowned residential area, Vasant Kunj provides one of the excellent pg for Girls in Delhi. It will never let anyone fall short of entertainment places as there are many such as – DLF Promenade mall, Marigold art gallery, Confiteria, Indoors, FabIndia, etc. The expected rent in Vasant Kunj is around 8500 INR to 12,000 INR for paying guest accommodation. 
  5. Karol Bagh – Karol Bagh lying in North Delhi is the most affordable place in the entire capital of India. Here the residential areas are cheap with better neighborhoods. Many small and big markets will hold the captivity of people living nearby till a little long. Karol Bagh market is a renowned cheap market in the area. The average rent to live in Karol Bagh lies somewhere between 5000 INR to 9000 INR monthly. 

These were top 5 places where pg for girls in Delhi can easily be found without fretting about the neighborhood, commute or shopping the essentials. Since Delhi is a crowded city with so many options to live, the accommodation can be rented near the targeted place. But before pointing to any decision, it should be well researched. Some other famous residential areas in Delhi are – 

  1. Greater Kailash.
  2. Vaishali.
  3. Sector – 24, 45, 21 Gurgaon.
  4. Mayur Vihar. 

The Internet can be finally used for something fruitful such as – searching for rented spaces online with just a few clicks. Many free websites extend the services to provide genuine owner details and actual pictures of the accommodation which can save both time and money. Delhi is a good choice to continue education or switch jobs is favored by many migrants. Having this quintessential information about better residential areas solves half the problems. Stick to the above information and it won’t be time-consuming to find good pg for girls in Delhi without having second thoughts in the mind. 

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