Facebook Likes vs. Instagram Likes: Which Matters Most?

In the world of social networking, Facebook and Instagram rank as the most popular apps servicing hundreds of millions of users. 

And with the increasing drive for more recognition in the online space, there’s much difference between how the two networking apps service their ever-increasing subscriber base.

One of the main topics when it comes to social networking apps is the relevance of likes based on the platform of your choice. With so many apps having the like function enabled in one form or the other, getting the most valuable likes is the intent of many users. 

So, in this read, we’ll be taking a critical look at which like function is most essential between Facebook and Instagram;

Facebook Likes Have Visibility On While Instagram Doesn’t 

When visibility is an issue to getting more popularity, Facebook likes matters more than Instagram. 

Recently, Instagram disabled the like feature on their platform in a bid to get their site less competitive when it comes to likes. On the flip side, this could be inimical to the popularity of smaller handles on Instagram. This is also why so many brands and influencers consider buying IG likes to boost their content and social updates above others. After all, the more likes and shares your content sees, the more likely it is to get noticed by others.

Although the off-visibility for likes is currently available in a handful of countries, making it full-scale on Instagram could make it worth taking a strong dive.

Social Media Marketing on Facebook is boosted by Likes unlike Instagram

On Facebook, there’s a lot of marketing strategies that depend on the number of likes you’ve been able to garner. With this feature on, it becomes easier to get more from Facebook when marketing your brand is on top of your list.

On Instagram, there’s a level playing field for all marketers irrespective of the number of likes you’ve got on your posts. 

Upsides of Facebook likes

Facebook likes have a lot of benefits, and we’ll get to see a few of them in this read;

Popularity boost could be achieved easier:

The quest to become popular on Facebook normally begins as a marketing strategy. Many businesses with an eye for getting more followers to have a lot of focus on likes as it’s the main way to show how many people are hooked onto your content. 

It becomes easier for your page to get more likes from other pages:

When you’ve got a sizable amount of likes on your Facebook page, it becomes more realistic for brands bigger than yours to post your content on their timeline. With such an approach, it becomes easier for you to get more popularity without stress from Facebook likes. 

You can use local pages to your advantage:

Using a local Facebook page isn’t fancied by many, especially the big companies. Right now, there are so many benefits stemming from using your local resources on Facebook. 

With a local page on Facebook, you can get a wider reach to your surroundings with a greater impact on likes on your page in a shorter period. 

Downsides of Facebook likes

Irrelevant Likes

Your many subscribers could be irrelevant when your content isn’t engaging enough. When you’ve got bland/repetitive content on your site, you could lose your fan base as fast as you got them in the first place. 

Remember that the increase in your page likes should be aimed at improving your marketing efforts in the long run, and you won’t do well when you’re seen as more of the same. 

Inverse Relationship with Your Business Effort

There are some business interests that focus on their social media strategy with Facebook at the top of their pile. In most cases, this marketing effort may not be successful. 

When your focus is built on getting more followers on Facebook no matter the cost, your investment may not be equal to the profits you make. 

So, keep in mind that the investment on Facebook like isn’t really worth it especially when you’re just starting out or on a small budget. 

Upsides of Instagram likes

Competition is healthy and open

On Facebook, you can access a lot more opportunities for likes when you’re on a bigger budget than your competition, but on Instagram, that’s turned on its head.

A tiny business at a corner street could generate more likes on Instagram than on Facebook. This is based on the open nature of Instagram and how more people can relate to posts easier. 

Takeovers are possible

On a Facebook page, you’re identified by a unique name. On Instagram, the takeover feature sets it in a class of its own. 

It’s possible to collaborate with other pages that share similar interests seamlessly. It follows a cross-promo format and it’ll be easier to get more followers without much hassle.  

Downsides of Instagram likes

Content updating matters most

When your likes continue increasing on Instagram, you could be tempted to rest on your oars and expect more likes without effort. While this may be true to a certain degree, it’s not actually the whole truth. 

For your likes to matter in getting you more popularity or marketing your products, there’s a need to keep the updates coming in. 

And also regular updates don’t guarantee you’re going to get more likes, there’s still much work involved. Forbes also recently wrote an article on the similarities and differences between Facebook and Instagram for brands and businesses as well.

You’d have to get more engaging content as you progress, and the work may not be worth it if you’re in a densely-populated niche. 

Just like on Facebook, investments in getting more likes could be an exercise in futility in the long run. 

Facebook vs. Instagram likes – Which Matter Most?

Currently, I’d say Facebook likes matter the most in certain aspects such as content promotion and lead generation for sales. But when it comes to getting smaller businesses to a wider audience, Instagram is the perfect platform to garner likes.  

Final Word

With so much to handle in your social media effort, getting the right amount of likes on the ideal platform should be your focus. Take the right steps and grow your page/handle to possess the highest social media popularity!

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