Guide to Finding a Plumber in Darwin

Sometimes you can’t get your drains unclogged no matter what you try. We hope you didn’t try a bunch of chemicals (as this could be dangerous), but when you have a plumbing project or problem and need to get it repaired, you’re going to want to call in a professional plumber. How do you do it though, and what should you look for? Well, fortunately for you, we’re creating this guide to tell you how you too can enjoy an error-free plumbing experience.

Plumbers Should Be Certified and You Should Always Hire a Master

There are different levels of being a plumber since this is an apprenticeship-to-master certification and qualification. Your plumber should have the proper licenses and bonding, as well as insurance in order to get the job done right. He may be teaching someone else, so you may also have the ability to know that you’re helping another journeyman get his feet wet, and any plumber, no matter their status has to have a license in order to perform work. 

If you ask a plumber for their contracting license information, and they give it to you, you can check it on government websites to make sure it is legit. Otherwise, if they don’t provide this information, or seem to forget it, then you may want to shop for another plumber. The same goes for providing proof of insurance.

Ask for Quality References

Don’t just buy the testimonials on a contracting company’s website. Do some double-checking to verify them in Google, as well as other methods in order to provide some of the best quality references possible. Many contractors will surely give you their best reviewers and happiest customers as previous references when you ask for them. Therefore, you’ll also want to ensure that you get about the last three people that they’ve worked under, even if it is a commercial job.

Don’t Hire the Wrong Kind of Plumber

There are commercial plumbers and residential plumbers, and then there are those that specialize in both. While you may benefit in knowing that your plumber is able to be equally mastered in both applications, you wouldn’t want someone who works primarily on your home’s plumbing when they’re used to working on nothing but commercial jobs. There are many differences between the two even if there are some similarities, and this is something to consider when you are looking to hire the right plumber in Darwin.


By contacting the right plumber, you can make or break yourself in terms of service. We’ve given you the best things to look and ask for, and we want to make sure that you have the best service possible. By hiring Great Northern Plumber Darwin, you can get a quality plumber that can give you the best references and job done in order to make your hot water installations a breeze, keep yourself up to date with the latest technology and energy efficiency, as well as have a true professional that has your back when it comes to keeping your home as safe as your wallet.

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