Hoverboarding and Skateboarding – Speed is Life


Once thought to be method of transportation of the future, hoverboards are famous for requiring a lot of coordination and balance. Perhaps the most famous image of someone hoverboard is a YouTube video of Mike Tyson falling off one. 

Hoverboards are also expensive, with some of the pricier models going for over three hundred dollars. Hoverboards are not some toy that can be fooled around with and easily replaced when they break; they are for people who want to buy not only a collector’s item, but as a serious form of entertainment.

Skateboarding originally gained traction thanks to movies like Back to Future andgained fame in the 1970s and 1980s. They originally got their start in California in the 1950s. They are also used for doing exciting maneuvers and tricks around a skate park. Today, the most popular use of skateboards is in extreme sports competitions. ESPN airs the X Games, which are where the most extreme skateboarding and snowboarding athletes take part and do awesome tricks and maneuvers as part of their competition.

Hoverboards and skateboards are different, from their wheels, their top speeds, and more. Let’s compare them.


The traditional hoverboard has two wheels. By tilting forward on the device, a rider controls the speed of the hoverboard, which can reach up to 15 miles per hour. This means that the rider needs both balance and coordination. He or she needs to lean forward or backward while also staying upright and on the board. When momentum is stopped, such as in the Mike Tyson video, the rider will continue forward and fall off the vehicle. The technical term for these best hoverboards for adults is a “self-balancing scooter.”

There are also “true” hoverboards, which are still in their developmental stage. These hoverboards hover using magnetic propulsion and can reach over 180 miles per hour. These hoverboards are typically not available for consumer use, though militaries across the world are looking into using them.


Skateboards usually have four wheels. While hoverboards and several inches off the ground, skateboards are closer to the ground. The rider controls his speed by using one foot to press on the ground, which propels the skateboard and allows it to gain momentum. Once enough momentum is gained, the rider puts both feet on the board. This part requires a lot of concentration. 

After the rider is on the skateboard, he or she can control the amount of speed it has by standing up or crouching, which will either increase or decrease the wind resistance that board has. Skateboards are used in many competitions, and many children use them as their preferred form of transportation over a bicycle. 

A skateboard can travel at up to 25 miles per hour and is the faster of the two methods of transportation. Skateboards also cost less, depending on the model: a skateboard for beginners or amateurs will cost much less than a skateboard for professionals. 

Speed is Life

Whether using a skateboard or hoverboard, both users get a thrill from moving fast on them. The speed and possible danger are exhilarating and is fun for everyone who uses them. It is also a valid method of transportation around the neighborhood. Though they will not go nearly fast enough to go on a highway, getting around from place to place is much more convenient using a skateboard or hoverboard than walking.

Other people may prefer these forms of transportation for entertainment purposes. Hoverboards will teach you how to keep and maintain your balance and coordination; skateboards are mainly driven by speed, coordination, and the ability to do tricks. 

Then, there is the truer form of a hoverboard, which can get you through many states in the blink of an eye. Though these will probably not be available for mainstream consumer use and will be available for only military-grade use, it will still be fascinating to look at them fly if they are ever used at all.


Hoverboards and skateboards go at different speeds, but each is exhilarating. A skateboard is primarily used for balance, coordination, performing tricks, and navigating the neighborhoods at high speeds. A hoverboard is great for balance and coordination, and you will be navigating the neighborhoods at a lower speed. Still, both hoverboards and skateboards provide hours of entertainment, and skateboarding has its own sport. 

Regardless of which device you try, both a hoverboard and a skateboard will be fun and challenging to use and will leave you breathless.