How can a course from a London music school enhance your musical career?

What does the city of London bring to your mind? The London Bridge? The Big Ben? Queen Elizabeth and her Royal Family? But, did you know that the capital of the United Kingdom is also renowned for its bustling music industry?

The London School of Music recently released data according to which the city hosted 19,9040 musical gigs in 2017, much more than its musical counterparts like Berlin and Paris.

The renown of London as a musical destination also stems from the fact that the city is a huge cultural melting pot. People from different parts of the world with different languages and cultures come together to celebrate their diversity and push the barriers of music as we know it.

Therefore, there can be no better setting than London for your musical studies. Read ahead to explore some of the top reasons that make London a great city for pursuing a music program.

What makes London the ultimate music career destination?

Did you know that London enjoys the reputation of being the “Busiest City in the World for Live Music”? The city can be a great place to be a music student and gain meaningful exposure to the bustling music industry.

Recently released data by revealed that London hosted the maximum number of live music gigs in Europe in 2017. The Culture Trip also ranked the city ahead of New York and Los Angeles in terms of musical patronage.

Additionally, London has also had a major role in the evolution of different musical genres like punk music and Britpop. This has caused many music technology giants like Spotify to make London their European headquarters.

How can a reputed music college from London boost your future career in the music industry?

London is filled with music colleges of all sizes that take in international students and turn them into talented musicians. Here are a few ways in which a music college in London can boost your future career.

1. Exposure to different music trends:

A comprehensive music program curriculum can expose you to different musical trends and genres in the modern industry. Thus, you have well-developed industry knowledge that can serve you well in your career.

2. Placement assistance:

Many music colleges have professional partnerships with studios and record labels that allow them to place their students with these companies. Thus, the right college will be able to provide you with ample placement assistance.

3. Access to networking events:

Having a huge professional network is important for any musician to grow their career. Being part of a good music college gives you access to many networking events where you can meet and interact with industry people.

4. A chance to interact with experienced musicians:

Most reputed music colleges in London hire trained and experienced music professionals as their faculty. Thus, you get a chance to learn from the best of the industry.

Irrespective of your music degree, the right music college can build a strong foundation for your career and boost your professional prospects. Invest in a good music program from a reputed music college in London to join the ranks of famous musicians throughout history.

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