How to Arrange a Virtual Baby Shower

The current pandemic is affecting us all, but life must go on and if you are expecting a baby and are worried about having family and friends over to celebrate a new life, you can have a virtual baby shower, which is safe. Baby showers have always been exciting and fun for everyone. If you have yet to use the Zoom application, it is free to download, and using VoIP technology, you can have a video call and invite as many people as you like. This digital baby shower can be as fun as the physical one. 

You may take on board your near and dear ones for showering their blessings on the baby and that too digitally. This is more safe and sound in today’s scenario of a global pandemic. Although you have to make preparation and planning for digital shower also. Let’s see how you can plan a baby shower and that too virtual.

Planning the Virtual Baby Shower

First thing first, you must decide who you wish to invite and send them all an email explaining the party will be a virtual one, which people will understand, and ask your guests to download the Zoom app. To make the process easier you can attach a download link and in the invitation mail. Do not forget to inform them about the date and time, mentioning that you will send an invite to the virtual gathering shortly before it begins. It is a good idea to allow at least 2 weeks’ notice, as people have things to do and they can pencil the date and time in their calendar. If they have things to do then they will finish them before the day of the party if you inform them beforehand. You will also get a chance to know who all are available and who is not for the party. On the day, send them the link to the Zoom meeting.

Baby Shower Gifts

Finding baby gifts is a tough task and of course, all of the guests will wish to give you a gift. To make things easy for them and save time, you can ask them to shop for baby dummies here. Apart from baby dummies they also have many other baby gifts. Send your guests the supplier’s web address and they can order a gift and have it sent to you. Also, send them your proper address. This will help the supplier deliver the gifts directly to your house. Keep all the gifts ready for the day. When the party is about to end you can open each one and your guests will be able to watch your reaction as you open their gift. This will be more fun. Although, to keep the party going you can ask your guests to play some games and have more fun.

Planning Games

Just because you are all remotely located, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a few party games. All you need to do is a little Internet search, and then boom! you can find many virtual games that would be suitable for a baby shower. To make things more interesting you may also ask each guest to find a photo of themselves when they were a baby and send them to you. During the party, you can show a photo and ask people to guess who it is. The person in the photo must keep silent as to their identity and this game is a lot of fun, guessing who the babies are. Oh, and don’t forget to slip in a few photos of you as a baby (and your partner). 

Also, if there are children on the guest list you can ask them to find fun games that could be played virtually with the family. You can take their suggestions too about what things they want to have at the baby shower party. You can ask them to prepare songs and dances to entertain the rest of the family at the virtual party. Children can help you make this party more fun, entertaining, and lively as well. 

Here is a list of technologies that are helping people to deal with the pandemic.

Practice with Zoom

Before you hope for the baby shower virtual party, it is a good idea to make a few video calls with friends before the date of the party. This practice session will help you to get familiar with the application. You will also come to know what are the features and how they can work. Ultimately this will save a huge amount of time when you go for the actual virtual party. Additionally, this will also help you discover features like how to put an image on the screen. Apart from this, you can also file share. However, if you want to write or draw something for everyone you can use the whiteboard present in the app. This whiteboard might come in handy when playing party games to maintain scores and points of every team or individual.

You can download Zoom here. It’s free and easy to use. The user interface is very simple you just have to follow few steps and then add everyone and have fun. Create a shortlist of things you need to do before the party, after the party, and of course while attending the party. You can then cross them off one by one. 

This was all about how you can throw a party for the celebration of the newborn in this global pandemic. This way is the safest and convenient for everyone. This will also give you a chance to reconnect with your family and friends with whom you haven’t met ever since this pandemic has taken place. All you have to do is enjoy and have a great time with family and friends, while still safe at home while following social distancing.

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