How to clean outdoor blinds perfectly?

Outdoor blinds are attractive, protective, highly-functional, and durable and can last longer. They serve the core purpose brilliantly and can withstand extreme weather conditions and can be the perfect addition to your outdoor surroundings and exterior spaces. You can enjoy your barbequing with your friends and family without worrying about rain, wind, and harsh sunlight. Outdoor blinds Melbourne are very popular across Australia and you can install in your home to add beauty and comfort. 

However, no matter how quality outdoor blinds you have purchased, you need to clean and maintain them regularly. Most of the homeowners commit this mistake by not taking proper care of the outdoor blinds. In a few years, the stylish outdoor blinds will wear and tear and fail to serve you. Regular cleaning and maintenance are very important for outdoor blinds to keep them functioning fully and to enhance their working lives. All you need to do is to take some time in a week, preferably at weekends, and take some care of them. 

In this post, we will discuss how to clean and maintain your quality outdoor blinds and improve their functionality and life. You don’t need to hire cleaning professionals for the job as you can do it on your own. Follow these steps and you will not have to spend your hard-earned money on repairing your outdoor blinds. Stay tuned!

Maintaining your outdoor roller blinds

Tinted café blinds

Clear and tinted café blinds can be seen in residential and commercial properties commonly and they protect the space from the sun, wind, and rain, without blocking the view. You can keep enjoying your beautiful backyard while enjoying your favorite coffee in the morning. 

Since they protect you, you also need to find some time to care and protect them. Regular maintenance and cleaning will not only save your money, but they will keep looking their best. 

The cleaning is very simple. You just need to wash them regularly with a sponge or chamois and warm soapy water and that will be all. Don’t allow a build-up of dust and dirt on outdoor binds or they will become scratched while rolling them. Furthermore, don’t use any abrasive products to wipe your binds which might result in scratching. Also, don’t allow creases while rolling. To avoid it, you can operate them when they are warm. 

Café blinds can change when the temperature changes. They might expand or contract as per the temperature or can become stiff when exposed to cold. In such situations, don’t stretch too much and handle the mechanism gently and delicately. 

Outdoor Shade Blinds 

When it comes to quality outdoor blinds such as shade blinds, they need to maintain and clean regularly to enhance their working lives. These blinds can transform the outdoor space with its aesthetic appeal and give an enticing view. 

Outdoor shade blinds are hard to scratch and that’s why they require fewer efforts compared to café style blinds. However, still, you need to ensure that you go for the regular upkeep of these blinds. First of all, ensure that your blinds might have loose threads on them when they are installed. 

Wind them or keep them down?

Both options are available for homeowners. Most of the suppliers come up with operating systems that make winding your blinds up and down similarly to opening and closing a window. However, the main question is the ideal position to keep outdoor blinds. 

Well, the answer is variable depending on your preferences and the weather of the area you live in. Sometimes, it is better to keep your blinds in a specific position to ensure safety, privacy, and durability. 

As outdoor blinds can be extended, it is better to keep them in the lowered position. It also has an advantage. It will keep the material in shape. When you keep them too tight, they might start losing some of their shapes in the middle. Allow to loosen up the tension and it will help blinds to properly fill out. In case of heavy gusts or high winds, you need to roll up your blinds instantly or it will damage your blinds and your home too. Remember, most of the outdoor blinds suppliers don’t cover such weather-damaged blinds in their warranty.

Before rolling them up, ensure that they are completely dry to prevent damage. In case of moisture in the rolled-up material, the sunlight will heat them and it will cause damage too. 

Some additional tips to keep your outdoor blinds healthy:

  • Regularly clean both sides of the material and avoid them to be soiled. Use a soft cloth and water. 
  • When you are wiping the material with a cleaning cloth, remove particles on the blind material. 
  • Use a water-based cleaning detergent and diluted warm water to clean outdoor blinds. 
  • You need to rinse them completely with fresh water and then wipe dry with a sponge or a soft cloth. 
  • Also hosing them sometimes with fresh cold water can keep them look clean and crisp. 
  • Use natural detergents for cleaning stylish outdoor blinds. Don’t use non-diluted detergents, cleaning fluids, garden sprays, and petrochemicals. 


All you need is some time, efforts and you will be able to keep your outdoor blinds in Melbourne clean, healthy, and functioning. Take some time out from your hectic routines and upkeep your blinds. They will keep functioning well when you maintain them properly. 

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