How to Find a Professional Boat Upholstery Service Provider?

Boat Upholstery Service Provider

When your boat is out at sea the upholstery is exposed to harsh ocean weather elements such as sun, wind, salt air and rain. Fading colors, cracks and signs of wear and tear become a common occurrence. It is time to consider boat upholstery replacement. We can help you to choose the right professional boat upholstery service provider

DIY Boat Upholstery Replacement

If you want beautiful results that can withstand harsh sea weather elements, it may be best to leave it to the professionals. However, if you feel that you are knowledgeable and skilled enough to choose the right material and replace upholstery without professional help, take your time and follow the steps below: 

  • Before removing the existing boat upholstery, take its pictures from multiple angles. You need to have some points of comparison.  
  • Take close-up picture before removing the staples and skin of a piece. Don’t cut off the skin. 
  • Replace one piece at a time.
  • Order new skin from a local company and follow the instructions to prepare it for the job.      
  • You may have to spread and steam the material before installation. Make sure  there are no fold marks. 
  • Replace the foam if required. 
  • In the end, sew and staple. 

If you are installing for the first time, plan on making some beginner mistakes. 

You might trim extra fabric off without ensuring that it fits perfectly. Cutting speaker holes before installing the fabric is another mistake you might make. Avoid using ordinary pens. You can use pencil marks or grease marks. 

One small mistake could result in having to start from scratch. If you have used poor quality material, your DIY upholstery replacement project probably not coming to come out looking as good as you would like. Hiring professionals for boat upholstery replacement, is the way to go.  

Hiring professionals for boat upholstery repair or replacement 

Re-upholstering a boat is different from upholstering a couch or car seat. It is a complicated task. So, you have to choose the right people and the right material. Make sure that the professionals you are working with have worked on boats.      

Here are some tips for you: 


Make sure that they have been in the industry for years. An inexperienced professional may not provide results that are also protected from harsh marine weather. Ask them if they have done several boat upholstery replacement projects in the past. 

See their work 

Most of the times, boat owners hire local boat upholstery service providers. You can ask a company to provide contact details of one or two of its previous clients. You can see the results for yourself of past work. Ask if they are satisfied with the results or not.   

Check reviews 

Publishing fake positive reviews is a strategy to lure new customers. However, there are some websites publishing reviews submitted by verified clients. You can even compare ratings and reviews on these websites.   

The choice of material 

If the provider says that waterproof and water-resistant fabric are the same, he has no knowledge of the fabric. A water-resistant fabric is treated with a water repellant. This wears off over time. On the other hand, a waterproof fabric repels liquid throughout its life. While a waterproof material provides better protection against water damage, it is less breathable and also prone to mold growth. Work with a  provider who explains the pros and cons of different fabrics. 

In the end, help others by leaving your reviews about that professional boat upholstery service provider. 

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