How to Install Norton Antivirus with Product Key on Your System?

Norton antivirus is known as the ace of security software programs. Norton antivirus provides numerous plans for various types of Operating systems like Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS. You should always use Norton with Norton product key activation. Norton activation ensures that you are using a genuine Norton plan on your device. It takes care of updates and makes sure that your device is secure round the clock. Norton also provides a secure browsing feature that manages your net browsing. Whenever you click on unreliable links, Norton alerts you and blocks the site. You can also use Norton VPN to make your payment and other banking transactions secure. It encrypts your data and sends it via a secure channel. Norton provides real-time security, firewall, email protection, and various other top security features.

Norton Product Key activation on Windows

If you are purchasing Norton online for the first time then you will receive a setup link on your email address. You have to create a Norton account with your email address and password. Afterword, go to the Norton homepage and you will get a list of Norton suites. Choose a Norton plan according to the budget and your device specification and click on Subscribe now button. You will be redirected to the shopping cart page. Review your order and then click on Proceed to Secure Checkout. Billing & Payment will appear on your screen. If you have Norton account then log-in with your credentials otherwise create Norton account. Now complete the billing details and hit the Make payment button. The payment process will take some time. Wait for completing the Norton payment process. Once complete, open the email address you have provided on the Norton account. Click and run the Norton download. The setup will automatically download on your PC and get installed. After Norton installation, you can use Norton features easily.

Steps to renew or activate Norton from subscription

You can go for a subscription plan while upgrading or renewing Norton products. You can immediately activate your Norton after buying the subscription by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. Open your device and click on Norton icon
  2. From Norton’s dashboard, click on My Norton
  3. Tap the Open button
  4. From the subscription window; tap Buy a subscription button
  5. Check your purchase and hit the Buy Now button
  6. A prompt will appear on your screen, enter your Norton credentials
  7. Now complete the billing details 

After a successful purchase, your Norton subscription will get renewed. Go to my subscription windows to review your plan.

Renew or Activate Norton with Product Key

Follow the given steps for activating Norton with product key:

  1. Go to Norton dashboard and click on My Norton window
  2. For Norton activation: click on Activate Now
  3. Now click on activate with product key
  4. Type (or copy and paste) your product key on given space
  5. Click on Next button
  6. Norton will take some time for checking your key

Now go back to the Norton dashboard and click on My Subscription. Review your subscription and then click on scan now. Secure your system with Norton antivirus and enjoy online-shopping and games without any kind of security concerns. 

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