How to Throw a Great Office Christmas Party

Once a year, the whole team gets together to celebrate the festive season, but if you have ever been in charge of organizing the office Christmas party you might have realized it’s not always that easy. Trying to please numerous people about where to go and what to do can be exhausting, but it’s worth the effort so everyone can have a good time and reward themselves for a year of hard work. If it’s your turn to arrange the festivities for your office this year, here are a few tips to help you out. 

Food and Drink

Consider hiring a private room at a bar or other venue and ask about their catering options. Buffet style food can be easier for events like this, as not everyone will want a large meal, and you can provide a range of tasty options for them to choose from. If your party budget can’t cover the costs of private hire, think about throwing the party in the office itself, and use the money to hire private caterers. You could even look at to hire bartenders for the party, too.

Live Music

A cheesy Christmas playlist is a must at an office party, of course, but if you want to reduce the cringe-factor, think about alternative musical entertainment that can break it up. If anyone in the office happens to have some musical talent, perhaps ask them to perform if they are confident enough to do so? Or find some local musicians to play a set if you have the right budget. Live music always gets people in the mood to get up and dance, and it will be a much more memorable event rather than just playing a generic playlist on repeat.


Even though the drinks will be flowing and the merriment will steadily be rising throughout the evening, it’s always a good idea to have some other forms of entertainment. A lot of offices might use the Christmas party to throw some faux award ceremony, which can be fun, but festive quizzes, name that tune, and Christmas scavenger hunts could also be great ways to entertain your team. Don’t forget to open your Secret Santa gifts together, too! 

Gift Bags

If you have some of your budget left over, think about putting together some small gift bags that people can take home with them. It’ll be a nice way to give everyone an extra token of your gratitude for all of their hard work. Include thinks like candy bars, cookies, novelty gifts, etc. 

Accessible Venue

Finally, if you’re not going to be hosting the party in your offices, you need to select a venue that is accessible to everyone. While venues further away from the city center might not be as expensive, if it’s too far out this will put people off going and your efforts will be wasted. Make sure you pick a venue that everyone knows, likes, and the journey home won’t be too difficult.

Make sure your office Christmas party is great this year by using these top tips.

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