Increase YouTube Views – Promote Products With Ease!

More videos are being uploaded each day to enhance YouTube views. To monetize and get your services or products prominent more audience, more opportunities, more visibility, more views, etc. are mandatory. With the boom in online business, online business owners rely on YouTube to advertise their products or services. Being an appropriate product promotion platform, YouTube can grab in a huge crowd of audience. There are few tips to be followed to increase YouTube views and promote products easily.

1. Creating perfect custom thumbnails

To arrest the viewers’ attention quickly and also to make the viewer’s click the video custom thumbnails can be developed. A thumbnail image is very important as it lures the viewer to click. It is hence important for marketers to design thumbnail images and emphasize about the product in the video. For thumbnails to be implemented there are few tips to be followed.

  • Image formats to be used are.GIF, JPG, PNG, or.BMP
  • Use aspect ratio of 16:9
  • 1280*720 resolution
  • Use under 28MB size limit
  • Custom thumbnail options have proved to be successful for products to gain popularity.

2. Killer title for product

Visitors always look for an attention-grabbing title first before getting into the video. To get youtube views to a great extent, marketers are to use engaging titles and not very simple ones. Remember to have a short and descriptive title. The audience always looks for interesting and exciting titles hence framing titles with this in mind is important. It is significant to add keywords in the initial half of the title.

3. Associate to social media

For marketers looking to enhance YouTube views can smartly use social media platform. They can link the videos in status, tweets and also to messages. Status update feature of Facebook can be utilized where videos can be embedded for more views. Also, the URL can be pasted in the status update where Facebook takes the responsibility and posts the videos in news feeds. Twitter can be used where the tweets can be linked with videos. YouTube videos can be pinned on virtual pinboards on Pinterest.

Stumble upon and Reddit is few other social media platforms where social bookmarking can be used to promote videos. These are smart ways by which the viewership can be elevated beyond present customer status.

4. Optimizing descriptions 

Effective YouTube descriptions are mandatory for good response amongst the competition. There are a few tips that marketers need to follow while developing marketing videos or channels.

  • They must limit to 5000 characters word limit.
  • The title, as well as description, should be loaded with keywords.
  • Links are to be added to appropriate playlists.
  • Content pages are to be developed along with timestamps so that visitors can get their requirement.
  • Appropriate hashtags are to be added by following hashtagging rules of YouTube.

 5. High-quality videos 

To get youtube views to an enhanced percentage, high-quality videos are the main criterion. Viewers love to watch a clear and quality video of their favorite products. Though there is the best content, poor quality video can ruin everything. Hence the content to be posted should look professional. Sound checking should be done well in advance and videos can be shot with a latest updated camera. Few editing skills knowledge is also important to come up with an updated and quality video content on

6. Intro and outro videos

For any video to stand out of the crowd, few branding aspects need to be done. Hence a branded outro and intro is important for the video. To showcase your brand, in the beginning, a 3 to the 5-second clip can be added as YouTube intro. YouTube outro can be added at the end of the video that shows associated videos or asking the viewers for the subscription. Many sources help in developing intro and outro easily such as Fiverr and Camtasia.

7. Call to action 

The viewers are to be said about what actions are to be done. In that way, either in the mid or at the end of the video viewers can be requested to like or even subscribe to the channel. In the same way, the viewers can also be requested to share the video with others who would find it beneficial. For any, YouTube videos to reach present subscribers, call to action method is utilized. Marketers can thus implement call to action in their videos, the number of shares enhances.


These are a few simple promotion strategies that can be used to get youtube views. These techniques and tips are great and can help marketers promote their products very easily. Follow smart ways and gain more YouTube views. For products to reach a large audience smart and appropriate techniques are to be used. 

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