Will There Be Any International Flights From Chandigarh Airport in the Future? What is the Current Status?

Currently, there are only two International flights from Chandigarh Airport. They are IndiGo Airlines flights going to and fro between Chandigarh and Dubai, while Air India Express doing the same between Chandigarh and Sharjah. 

How Many Passengers Can Travel in Those Flights? What Are The Charges? 

Currently, only two international flights are available from Chandigarh International Airport. They are by IndiGo Airlines and Air India Express Airlines. The aircraft type for these two flights is the Airbus A320 which has a passenger capacity of 220 people. The flights take passengers from Chandigarh to Dubai and Sharjah. 

Average Tariff for The Flights 

The tariff varies from time to time. But the average charges are around 10 to 12 thousand. There are around 52 International flights daily only to Dubai. 

Sometimes there are exclusive offers and festive deals. Apart from Dubai and Sharjah flights, there are many other flights to other countries via other domestic airports. Such as you get international flights to London via Delhi airport. 

Are There International Flights Only to Dubai and Sharjah? Or There Other Flights Also? 

There are International flights to almost all other countries, not only to Dubai or Sharjah. But the direct flights are only to Dubai and Sharjah from Chandigarh International Airport. All other international flights are via other airports such as Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc. Eastern zone flights such as Bangkok, Singapore, Malaysia, etc. are directed via Kolkata International Airport. 

What Are the Airlines Operate International Flights From Chandigarh International Airport?

IndiGo and Air India Express are the two airlines that operate direct international flights to Dubai and Sharjah. Apart from that there are many other airlines such as Vistara, Spicejet, Jet Airways, Go Air, etc. have flights from Chandigarh Airport to other countries via Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, etc. 

What Are the Cities the Airport Serves? 

The International Airport at Chandigarh has been serving people from cities like Chandigarh, Haryana, Panchkula, Punjab, Mohali, and Himachal. The airport runs direct flights to two countries and around seventeen domestic flights to other cities in India. So, almost the entire northern India passengers have been served by the airport at Chandigarh. 

What Are The Chances of New International Flights Get Added to The Chandigarh International Airport? 

Unfortunately, the chances are almost nil, as declared by the CEO of Chandigarh Airport Mr. Suneel Dutt. He clearly had mentioned earlier this year, that no other airlines have been showing interest in running any new flights to any other international airports, other than those two Sharjah and Dubai. Whatever might be the reason, the fact is this, that there is no chance in the near future of having more international flights at Chandigarh Airport.

What Is The Reason Behind Other Airlines Not Showing Interest? 

The airport is getting equipped with the latest technologies and other facilities. But still, no new airlines are showing interest in adding new international flights. In spite of offering facilities, there is no sign of any positive deals happening with those airlines. The reasons are not very clear still. But obviously, there might be a profitability issue which is not encouraging the other airlines. 

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