Is a photoStick legit or a scam?

At you will read about what people are talking about in regard to photoStick and their experiences as they used it. From there you will learn that a photo stick if bought, will offer you the convenience in terms of finding pictures and videos on your computer. It doesn’t require any unique software in order to use it

The stick comes with a software that searches automatically on your computer for the availability of pictures and videos. This makes it be easy to use as it will identify thousands of photos that are on your computer in the shortest time possible. But as you decide to purchase it, it is important you know that it will not replace your normal flash disk which you might currently be using to make your backups. 

Knowing the PhotoStick

Earlier there were times when you needed to walk around with a camera in order to capture those important moments in your life. Though digital cameras replaced the old film cameras these days, you can still use both to take photos. Whether you are taking someone special in your life for a vacation or it is the birthday of your child, you want the entire moments to be recorded so that you can look back in the future and it brings memories. 

If you have ever suffered a hard disk failure, then you know what it means to have a backup for your photos. A spilled drink or power surge might cause your computer to be damaged thereby deleting all the memories that you had stored in it.  With the PhotoStick, it is a device which is designed to ensure that you make your backup in the shortest time possible. 

It resembles a normal flash disk. It contains software that will search through folders and recover photos that you might have lost. Apart from working with photos, PhotoStick can also backup documents and videos. Due to the fact that it works automatically, even if you have limited technological experience, you can still be able to use it. 

As a computer user, you might have experienced data loss in the past. With the reviews at, you will be able to learn why it is necessary to buy a PhotoStick and why it might just be a way to save some money for yourself. 

How does PhotoStick work?

You might partly be right if you assume that, a PhotStick works in the same way a flash disk does. It is a gadget that is similar to a flash disk and contains a USB that might just work on any type of computer port. 

All you have to do is to make sure that your computer is on and is running before you insert the PhotoStick in it. A window will pop up on your computer screen after a few seconds which will have a button with a Go in the middle. Once you press the button, it will then give permission to the device to access your computer device. 

As per the reviews, it works pretty fast depending on the number of files and your computer size, a full scan might take up to 60 seconds to run the scan. Files will be unearthed by the photostick which you could have already assumed as lost. 

You can utilize it to search for music files and documents. A backup will be created of the files that it locates on other devices. So long as you have a USB port on your device, you can easily use the PhotoStick. 

How many photos are likely to be saved on a PhotoStick?

On the Photo Stick reviews, this is one of the main questions which is asked by the shoppers. This will definitely depend on the model that you are going to buy. There are models that have 8GB of storage space. This one can store up to 3500 photos. There is one with 64GB which can hold up to 30,000 photos. The larger model has 128GB and can hold an impressive 60000 photos. 

The size of the files will determine the amount of storage that you will get. Though most of the models in the market can store up to 3500 photos, they will hold fewer videos as they are heavy files. If you decide to store larger songs or documents, then the storage space will be smaller and thus not hold as many items as you might have envisioned. 

You have to always remember to know your computer’s hardware size when you are shopping around for a PhotoStick. In case your hard disk is big and you have saved many documents, it might be advisable that you get a larger device to accommodate your backup. This will ensure that nothing is left out during the backup time. 

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