Discover the culture of Northern India with holistic Kashmir tour packages.

Tourism as a concept can be given two dynamics, one dynamic, it can be considered as the theory or practice of touring, and on the other, the business of attracting, accommodating, and entertaining tourists who are likely to take to business or casual tours. Tourism in India has gained its due importance due to essential heritages that underline the country. Apart from this, the ancestral influences of the various Rajas, Maharajas, and Zamindars in countries abroad have also enhanced tourism. 

Moreover, various archaeological discoveries taking place across the country have attracted many eager historians and led them to sanctify the culture of the country and motivate their impact on tourism with packages like Kashmir tour packages. Amongst many other discoveries, an essential component of India’s tourism is its Biosphere reserves which have been well maintained and organized by the state and its people. Consequently, an upheaval in the tourism industry has led to the magnification of the country’s economy in the last decade due to its tertiary sector. 

Kashmir as an essential Biosphere reserve of the world. 

Jammu and Kashmir is a large region in the northern parts of the Himalayan Mountains and lies at the top of the Shivalik range. Kashmir is one of the many regions in India with sustainable environmental conditions. With most of its part covered in mountains and the rest in lakes, it makes up for an important biosphere reserve. The people of the state have seen tourism development in the last century swimming and sinking with the laws of the state. However, amidst all the remnants, Kashmir tour packages help tourists discover all the areas to cover around the state, namely. 

  • Alchi monastery is known as a monastic complex of a building located in the Lab district. 
  • Hazratbal Shrine contains a relic of the Moi-e-Muqqadas and is worshipped to date. 
  • Pangang-So is a closed basin lake that is also a natural sanctuary. 
  • Dal lake located in Srinagar offers boat rides to most tourists. 
  • Leh Manali highway amid a valley. 

All the tour packages cumulatively comprise a tour to these places in particular along with other heritage sites of the state.

Kashmir might have had its downfall but it remains a safe tourist destination.

As a result of many severe occurrences, Kashmir is known to be a high-militarized area. However, important tourist destinations such as Srinagar, Gulmarg, Pahalgam, and Sonamarg remain privileged with enough safety measures. However, the most unsafe parts of the state can be significant tourist attractions. Keeping this in mind most Kashmir tour packages tend to involve safety measures along with other essential documents that they ask their tourists to pack beforehand. 

Apart from the safety measures, these tour packages ensure an exquisite taste of the cultures intertwined with every passing corner or valley. The men and women dressed in ethnic clothing singing along with the classical Raag can be an apple to the eye for many.

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