Mysteries Associated With Sleep

People have the idea that sleeping properly is responsible for conserving energy; however, studies have revealed that individuals are responsible for burning calories when they are sleeping. Sleep is extremely puzzling and there are several mysteries associated with sleep. Studies have also revealed that sleep helps in improving memory and the emotional stability of individuals. However, one question that lingers is whether these improvements can happen when a person is awake as well?

Why do individuals dream?

This is one mystery that bothers people from different parts of the globe. Dreaming has fascinated both philosophers as well as scientists for several millennia, and it has been baffling individuals even today. It was considered that dreaming occurs primarily during rapid eye movement sleep. However, you need to know that dreaming can occur during several other stages as well. These dreams are almost like snapshots and are often associated with extremely strong emotions. However, one question is the mystery behind dreams. 

Dreaming is responsible for helping with the memory processing function that goes on during sleeping. In sleeping rats, the brains were responsible for activating the neurons, which were used during the day for learning a maze. The activity was almost like they were reliving or practicing that maze. It is believed that similar things happen within the human brain as well. This means that when your sleep involves REM sleep, it can work positively on your ability to solve problems. 

Late nights: good or bad for your health

According to, you need to wake up at a similar time every day. Another mystery that is constantly revolving around sleep is why some people can bounce out of bed as soon as the alarm goes on, whereas, few others keep hitting the snooze button constantly. This question is being worked on by Dr. Sam Jones, who is a researcher at the University of Exeter. After investigating the behavior as well as the genetics of almost seven hundred thousand people, his team discovered that almost 300 genes are responsible for playing a role, which involves making you an evening or a morning person. 

The genetics are not responsible for determining the chronotype but the lifestyle, your habits, diet, and the stimulation that you receive in the evening is responsible for determining your sleep. People, who sleep late at night, tend to experience jet lag and this can lead to depression. Therefore, it is better to sleep at a proper time to ensure good health. 

Some people require less sleep: why

Certain people do not require a lot of sleep. It has been observed that people who carry a particular gene, is responsible for sleeping less. These people are naturally short sleepers and they do not face any health problems. However, they might find it difficult to carry on their regular day-to-day activities. This is why it is suggested to sleep for 8 hours. The mysteries of sleep are amazing. 


Sleep is a mystery in itself. Several mysteries are revolving around sleep. Make sure that you are going through everything that has been mentioned above to understand the several mysteries associated with sleep.

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