New SEO Strategies and Trends You Should Implement in your Business

The principal reason for SEO is to optimize your website to deliver better information to search engines. Furthermore, it ensures that your content remains indexed rightly and displayed among the top search results. It gets better to note that rules are ever-changing. Therefore it can be challenging to put into practice. 

To implement an SEO task is not a walk in the park. The good news is that its benefits outweigh the needed efforts to implement SEO strategies and trends. 

According to research done by Hubspot, it indicated that 75% of users don’t even scroll past the first page of the SERPs. Contact SEO Melbourne for SEO and digital marketing services.

The following are new SEO strategies for you to implement in your business. 

1. Use alternative search engines apart from Google

It is an undeniable fact that Google remains on top of all the available search engines in the market. It can be beneficial if you also optimize your content for other search engines like Amazon and Apple search engines. One key advantage of Amazon is that it is a highly valuable public company in the world. If you have a product to sell then make use of the Amazon search engine. 

On the other hand, Apple’s App store is ever significant in the driving of the traffic. Presently, more than 60% of online traffic originates from mobiles. Did I mention that 90% of the time people spend on browsing on their phones comes from apps? The future of mobile apps could likely be the Apps store, not Google. 

2. Optimize your site for Voice search

Since the introduction of voice search, the percentage of voice search, especially on online businesses, is multiplying. Some internet users employ voice assistants and smartphones to look for information which is an easy way to search for specific information. Apple, Amazon, and Google already have their assistants known as Siri, Alexa, and Google assistants.  

Voice search queries behave like you are talking to a human. They are more conversational, and the questions are usually longer. It forms a section of SEO strategies and trends you should implement for better results. 

3. Optimize your Website for Mobile devices

Presently, the majority of people use mobile phones when browsing than their desktop. The projection is that by the end of 2019, over 5 billion of the world population will be using mobile phones. Google came out with the first mobile indexing in March 2018. It implied that Google would be ranking their websites based on the user experience for mobile gadgets. 

Implement a responsive design to enable the website to load correctly in all devices like tablets, smartphones, laptops, and desktops. The plan will allow the site to fit perfectly on the screen without scrolling and zooming. 

4. Create a high-quality content

In 2018, Google shifted the search engines attention towards content quality. Such SEO strategies and trends remain up to date. Google is becoming more sophisticated when it comes to determining how good your website content is. The amount of content you produce will determine your ranking. 

You can add video content to your website to gain more traffic and boost its ranking. The content is the king, and it remains an effective way to improve your ranking. 


Every business needs to grow for the company to increase its revenue. Technology remains dynamic, and therefore, change is critical for any online business to survive. When you implement better SEO strategies and trends for your website, you will increase traffic leads and visits. Some of these visitors to your site can be your potential clients who may buy your products and increase revenue for your business. To stay updated with technological trends will enable you to remain relevant to competition.