Decorating a space for a little one can be a challenging task. You want your child’s room to be practical while having the potential to stand up endless hours of play and mess. Children are notorious, and their taste changes in an instant. They might adore a thing for a moment but would throw it the next. That is part and parcel of childhood, and it is the fun part of growing up. As much as designing a room for your kid is a tough job, it is an enjoyable experience, nonetheless.

Creativity has no bounds, and neither has any hard and fast rules. While decorating a child’s room, you can try ingenious ideas. A general misconception is that upgrading a room for your child is expensive and time-consuming. That is not entirely accurate as you can breathe in new life to the dead space while staying in budget. Besides, parents want a functional room that their child loves now and in the years to come. The following are a few ideas to decorate a perfect place for your little one because children deserve nothing but the absolute best.

Simple Layout

Simplicity is classy and timeless. It never goes out of style and suits most of the children’s tastes. A simple layout of the room not only appeals to the eye but also helps in keeping the room practical. The wise thing is to invest in good quality simple furniture, rather than going for cartoon characters’ furniture. Multifunctional furniture having shelves is a great idea. Your little one can keep his favourite stuff toys and once he grows up, use that space to show off his trophies. While designing a child’s room, keep the rule “less is more” in mind. This will help in creating a perfect room while being minimalistic.  

Kid’s Friendly Space

Dedicate a corner where your child can have the activities of his interests. If a child is into painting, have an easel with paints, if he is a fan of sports, have sports equipment, or if he is inclined towards automobiles having a track would be a good idea. Interiors play an important part in creating an overall look of the room, and Incy interiors have a huge variety of children’s furniture at a reasonable price.

Frame your child’s artwork

Empty walls in a kids’ room make the room appear dull. Instead of having paintings from other artists, displaying a child’s doodles will boost the kid’s confidence while giving the room a fresh feel. Having a gallery wall and updating it regularly is another innovative way of bringing life and your child’s creativity to that room.


Your child’s room should reflect their personality. Although your little one will grow up and would naturally not appreciate the same things, a few things are timeless. For example, pictures of the first day of school or the first gift from a grandparent will always find a special place in his room. Accessorizing the room is an excellent way of bringing their singularity in the area while giving them a sense of ownership.  


Lighting has impressive effects on inhabitants’ mood and can lift the spirits of a cranky child. A brightly lit room helps in creating a comfortable space and keeps the room from feeling claustrophobic. Having plenty of light sources makes a dull room standout.  

Natural air/ Natural light

Human beings need natural light and air to survive, and children need it more than adults. Designing a kid’s room having windows is a great idea; however, they should have grills and nets to keep children from falling. 

Reading Corner

 Reading is a fundamental skill that a person needs to be well versed at. If it is cultivated in childhood, it can become a lifelong habit. A cozy reading corner with fluffy pillows and a comfortable rug will attract your child to spend time in that space. A basket or a shelf containing age-appropriate books will motivate them to read more and instil the reading habit in them. A reading nook is an ideal place where your child can spend some me-time.

Play with Colour

Every child loves colours, but choosing the right shade for your child’s room can be tricky. Children’s preferences change within days, and it is not easy to paint the walls every year. A smart way is to have neutral walls with colourful wall hangings, multicoloured rugs, cushions, and other stuff to have a variety of colours in the room.


Designing is all about creativity and innovation. When it is about children, nothing is permanent, but that does not mean that they do not deserve a perfect room at a young age. Experts recommend designing a room in such a way that it grows with a child. Children love to play around and make a mess. Cramping up a compact room with too many things will not give them enough space to move freely. A smart way is to design a place that has enough space for children to roam around. Every child is unique, and while designing a room for your little one, you should keep their unique personality into consideration.

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