Places to visit in Cebu, Philippines

Cebu is known as the most popular destination to visit in the Philippines as it has an international airport. Many people are touchdown in Cebu from overseas as it is considered as the first destination for the Philippines ‘ adventure. There are many things to do in Cebu, but unfortunately, people are unaware of it. Cebu Bulletin can help you a lot in finding the most attractive places to visit in Cebu. 

The main attraction towards Cebu is its splendid beaches, lip-smacking food, milky waterfalls, excellent diving opportunities ad history that speaks volumes about the unbreakable spirit of humanity.

No doubt, Cebu is a dream destination among local and foreign tourists. This island offers a lot of adventures and places to visit. Let’s check out some of the best ones:

Cebu Taoist Temple

First of all, start in the city area. Cebu Taoist Temple is a Chinese style architecture temple that was built in 1972. This temple is famous all over the world because of its dramatic structure. People from all over the world come here and visit this temple. 

Most impressive this about this temple is, you will be able to see the striking view of the city and even Mactan Island. Moreover, it is an ideal place to meditate or pray.

10,000 Roses of Cebu

You can visit 10,000 Roses of Cebu by moving nearby islands if Mactan. It is a magnificent spot in Cebu that has gone viral on social media. Ten thousand artificial roses surrounded the café and many more areas.

Many guests prefer to visit this place during the dusk time to see the spectacular view of roses. Furthermore, the café owner is an interior designer who creates a beautiful and ambiance look for the couples. This is the most visited place for proposal or newlywed couples. 

Moreover, the café also offers sumptuous food, which is delicious. However,enjoying Samgyupsalamat can also make your mood pleasant with your partner.  

Kawasan Falls

In the south of Cebu, there is breathtaking Kawasan Falls. Hikers love to travel here during camping from Osmena Peak traverse, but you can also go there directly. Kawasan Fall is a three-stage cascade of clear water from all above the mountains. This waterfall is also known as a pearl of the Philippines and known as the most popular tourist spot in Cebu.

The most exciting thing is the Canyoneering adventure that starts at Canlaobriver downstream that goes to Kawasan. Local guidance accompanies all the tourists and facilitates like jumping, walking, climbing, and swimming.   

Carbon Market

In Cebu city, you will find the Carbon Market. It is known as the oldest and largest public market with all types of goods and vendors. You can find the best deals here as compare to any other market. 

The carbon market is always crowded with locals searching for fish, meat products, handicraft material, and meat products. Every tourist goes to this vast market and notices the Filipino culture. The most exciting thing about the Carbon market is, you can find it open 24/7 even in the strikes.

Bantayan Island

If you are looking for the Cebu beach, then you should visit the Bantayan island on the north-western coast of Cebu. Hospitality id very enjoyable, and the coastlines are amazing there. You can perform several activities like sunbathing, island, hopping, swimming and even sky diving.