Progressive lenses, what about them makes people want to switch?

The Biggest Pros and Cons of Progressive lenses by Users

There’s no denying that Progressive lenses are far better than Bifocal glasses. Progressive lenses are modern glasses equipped for convenient use. Bifocal glasses were quite prominent in the ’80s and ’90s but now they have disappeared because consumers found a better alternative. The bigger reason behind the refusal of progressive lens usage is its visible division line which made people feel dizzy. Though we selected Progressive lenses over bifocal, they also have some advantages and disadvantages to bear. Read on to find out what pros and cons progressive lenses exhibit.

Why do people wear Progressive Lenses or Bifocal Glasses?

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Progressive or bifocals are worn by adults who are aged between 40 to 45. At the age of 40, adults develop a natural eye condition known as Presbyopia. Presbyopia is a natural aging eye condition which enables you to have difficulties in reading objects at near distances. As we age our eyes also deteriorate with hence the crystalline lens of the eyes after hitting your 40’s loses its elasticity. Once the lens in the eye is not able to be flexible or elastic, the image is not projected correctly on the retina and we can’t identify objects at close-up. 

What are the Pros of Progressive Lenses?

Progressive lenses are also known as Varifocal glasses that correct three different distances.  Progressive lenses contain three different portions where the upper portion of the lenses correct distant vision, the intermediate portion corrects computer work or arm length vision while the lower portion corrects near distance vision. So not only do you get to correct your near and far distance, but you also get enough space in the lenses to surface the web, read a website or blog.

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Progressive lenses also have peripheral distortion and no visible dividing line which ultimately helps you to get a good transition from near to far and vice versa. Peripheral distortions are blurred up at the side of the lenses so that you can get a seamless graduation transition without making you feel dizzy. Progressive lenses also look stunning with its non-visible division line, no one can get hold of your age or that you are wearing reading glasses. You just have to move your pupils from one section to another for a better view of any distance and you’ll be able to see it with comfort and ease.

What are the Cons of Progressive lenses?

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The main disadvantage of progressive lenses is that you have a hard time adjusting to them. Yes! Progressive lenses are completely new to you and they demand their time of adjustment. At its initial stage, many people face problems, some don’t get the good transition as expected while others feel dizziness and headaches. That’s not how progressive lenses are so don’t let few problems at the beginning stop you from getting lifetime vision efficiency. 

Progressive lenses are created differently than your normal lenses and your brain and eye are not used to this new accessory. Hence the eyes and brain take some time to comprehend the device and with time they get used to it perfectly. Give it a few weeks and you’ll be all set.

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