Reasons to Invest in Real Diamonds

Whenever you are investing in a product/a commodity, the first question that strikes your mind is whether it is worth investing and what would be the Return on Investment of this investment? When you are speaking of diamonds, there are mixed responses. The following are some of the reasons why you need to be investing in real diamonds. 

The rise in prices of diamond 

Diamond prices are always increasing. It is said that the average prices of diamonds keep increasing regularly like about 15% per year. Though the supply of the diamonds reduces, the demand for the diamonds never has gone down. It is said that more than 40% of the demand for diamonds comes from the region of the Middle East and Asia alone. 

Easy to transport 

When you compare the prices incurred for transportation of gold and diamonds, the prices incurred for transportation of diamonds is way too less than gold. If you need a truck for transporting a certain amount of gold, then one can transport the same number of diamonds in a small parcel in the airplane itself. 

Industrial purposes 

It is a well-known fact that diamonds are used for various applications in industry. So, when you are investing in diamonds, you can even sell it off to industry personnel for cutting and other types of activities to be conducted in the industries. So, ultimately it does bring you profits and returns. 

Ethical investment 

When you are investing in diamonds, you need not worry if it is ethical or not. Unlike another kind of investment that might be against the laws and regulatory framework of the government, the diamonds are very much an ethical investment. The diamond rings are one of the ethical investments in the world market. 

Unaffected by synthetic diamonds 

Off late the market for synthetic diamonds keep increasing on a rapid amount, despite the market getting flooded with diamonds from all over the world which aren’t of the real kind, the value for the real diamonds has never gone down significantly. People still prefer to gift the real kind of diamonds for their better halves and their beloved partners. 

Stable market 

As long as the supply of the diamonds doesn’t increase, the demand for the diamonds and the value held by it will never go down. In the past few years, a new mine for diamonds has never been discovered. So, one cannot expect the value of diamonds to fall at all. 

Diamonds are man’s best friend. Everyone wishes to own at least one diamond ring in their lives. It has become more or less of a status symbol. So, apart from looking at the value of the money the diamonds hold, it is more or less of a compulsion to have one in our investment. When you are buying diamonds, you don’t have to think twice. It is indeed one of the top investments in the market. It might seem like huge money at first but in the long term, it is much fruitful. Click here to Melora app for the latest diamond ring designs.  

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