Reasons why gold jewellery is timeless

Gold, with its soft warm sheen and its association with solidity, power, and stature, has adorned humans since time immemorial. For thousands of years, it has been casting that shimmering golden hue over us and continues to do so. Whether it’s an ancestral piece that’s handed down through generations to symbolize love and legacy or something that you have you bought on your own, the splendor of gold is timeless and fascinating. 

Worn in hundreds of beautiful ways, whether your gold pieces are chunky and heavy or the more trendy hand-crafted ones, every piece will continue to tell its story. Here are some reasons why gold jewellery has been and will always be timeless:

  • Gold is always trendy: Gold jewellery has been immune to seasonal trends. The styles may change over generations, but creative jewellery designers have always been super-quick to adapt. Be it traditional thickset pieces or the more fun and breezy sleek designs that can be worn on a daily basis, the choices are endless. These include tiny rose gold rings, minimalist bracelets, chains, anklets, and so much more that go with almost all styles of outfits and footwear.
  • Effortless fusion: Gold is one of the most versatile metals that can metamorphosis into anything you like! Be it casual Indo-western, mesh patterns, hammered, or encrusted, the list never ends. What’s more, whether its white or yellow gold, it looks stunning with gemstones encased in it. The vibrant and dazzling rainbow-like iridescence of emeralds, rubies, sapphires, etc. adds a stupendous sheen to any gold jewellery piece and accentuates the overall look.
  • Gold complements every skin tone: Whether you are light skinned or someone with a sun-kissed-skin, trust a beautiful piece of gold jewellery to accentuate your natural beauty. You can choose single or mixed pieces in yellow, white, or rose gold to create your personal statement. The warm and smooth hues of this soft-looking metal add amazing freshness and glow that will never fade. 
  • It is ageless: Gold looks beautiful irrespective of the age of the wearer. While the styles that one chooses change with trends and changing times, gold is an ageless wonder. Teenagers and young adults are now exploring and adopting gold jewellery like never before. Several designers are now giving a fun dimension to gold by curating pieces like pendants for girls in their names, tiny hearts, cool phrases, etc. You can also choose from chunky gold hoops, charm bracelets, band rings, and other exciting styles. 
  • Suits all occasions: Gold jewellery if styled well can match every occasion, be it formal or casual. Dress up for work in a pair of statement gold earrings and a sleek chain to complete your formal look. On a cocktail evening, wear pieces that have encrusted gemstones like rubies, diamonds, and emeralds to make a cool and classy statement. Wear a minimalist layered gold necklace paired with geometric-style earrings and a charm bracelet and you are ready with a summery look for a casual lunch date with friends. 
  • It is a great investment: However modern we become, gold still remains a good solid investment for the future. It is simple to buy, easy to store, and can be quickly liquidated. Unlike other investments like those in real estate, etc., gold is a practical investment that is tangible and, agree or not, makes the owner feel good about themselves. So whether you are planning to keep some for yourself or want to hand down, there is no other metal that holds so much value. 

With these ideas in mind, go ahead and invest in unique and solid gold pieces that will guarantee a timeless style and a reasonable investment for your future. 

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