Shared Hosting: what it is and how to choose?

Shared hosting is the most popular for those who are developing the first website in there career. Multiple users are allowed in a shared hosting server. Shared Hosting gives assurance about several benefits to the user without requiring a high investment. Hosting a domain on a shared basis is the same as taking benefits from various services and infrastructure, which will ensure that you have websites, online applications, email accounts and many more in terms of web services. Shared hosting is cheap according to the needs.

What are the advantages of shared hosting?

Shared hosting offers various kinds of benefits for users who choose this plan. Check out the main advantages of a shared hosting service that make all the difference below!

  • Service and support- Support is a relevant point in any type of service, and it is clear that in a website hosting it is a decisive element. As shared hosting is widely used by people who are just starting out, having a qualified support team to clarify problems, and answer questions is an extremely positive way. In a shared hosting service, it is very common for providers to ensure support even for what is very basic.
  • Safety- Security undoubtedly increases, going beyond the traditional when you have a managed server and constant monitoring.
  • Credibility- Websites with domain and professional shared hosting service have much more credibility, which can lead visitors to have good experiences. The possibility of failure is very small, especially if the company is sincere and guarantees a great job for customers.
  • Autonomy- Autonomy will increase significantly with website hosting. You will not be stuck with a platform that offers few resources that do not give much confidence to the page.
  • Economy- This is the cheapest type and used worldwide, mainly because it proposes a democratic division of the server for different sites, according to the company’s project. The plans are indisputably versatile and fit with your budget.

This type of hosting is recommended for those who aim to host small or medium websites. Providers generally set a limit on the number of visits that the site can receive each day. One of the main advantages of shared hosting is moderate and practicality at the time of use. It is for this reason that it is preferred by those who are just starting out and don’t have any experience with hosting.

Knowing that VPS is one of the ways to understand how this website hosting technology works. As important as this also knows which type of users it is best suited for. VPS Hosting indicated for a user profile that is between Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting services. VPS Hosting is recommended for project owners on the internet who demand the management of large volumes of users. As well as forums and online chat communities with a constant flow of hits.  

Comparison: VPS and Other Types of Accommodation

Understanding the existing types of website hosting allows you to have a clearer idea of ​​what VPS is. And how can it behave in front of others? 

  • Shared Hosting- It is the most recommended hosting for projects that are starting on the internet and that still have low traffic volume. Shared hosting is essential for small businesses, websites, blogs and online stores for beginners. It is also the cheapest and most affordable type of website hosting.
  • Cloud Hosting- Also known as Cloud Hosting, Cloud Hosting is one in which all data, files, and user information are stored in a package of servers in the cloud.  All of these files are hosted equally on all servers. Thus, if any of these servers should fail, all traffic received by the site is redirected to a server that is functioning normally. That is, it is always online and available for access.  
  • Word Press Hosting- It is a type of hosting dedicated to a CMS (Content Management System). It is configured for the platform and comes with the option to install in one click. Security plugins already installed, and optimized performance.

Along with this, the user also receives a series of tools with their own features and functions to use specifically in Word Press. 

  • Dedicated Hosting- In Dedicated Hosting, the user rents an entire physical server for his online business. There is no division of resources and functionality with any other user or hosted site.  Dedicated Hosting is suitable for large corporate websites, portals with huge traffic volume, and collaborative projects in which many people work at the same time. It is the type that has the most complete resources. Dedicated Hosting is most expensive.

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