Some Of The Most Powerful As Well As Best WordPress Analytics Plugins

WordPress has become one of the most preferred web development platforms across the globe.  On one hand where the press or web is developing, on the other hand, the competition has increased so getting your website up to that mark is very important and for that web, analysis is something you cannot miss upon. Web analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Woopra, Kissmetrics, and there are many others as well. Most of us use this just to track web traffic however there are many other tasks that you can get done with the help of the analytic tool.

With the growing popularity of the WordPress eCommerce development, the challenge now is to ensure that you employ it in the most effective manner to run your online business in an effective manner.

There are many changes as well as tasks that the web needs in order to be up to date all the time but this needs too much of efforts so just to ease up all these things there are analytics plugins by WordPress. This would help in getting a very powerful insight into the web traffic as well as the website. So here are few best analytics plugins that you have for WordPress:

Google analytics presented by monsterInsights:

It is an open as well as one of the most powerful sources of analytics plugins which are presented by monster insights. This works with self-hosted websites in WordPress. This would collect the website with the use of Google Analytics and it uses advance tracking code as well to get the work done.

Here you can get universal individual tracking codes and you can even track the website performance and would even control marketing strategies in order to gain more and more traffic. Here you can also look after your eCommerce tracking system as well as ad tracking system which is done by using Woocommerce as well as easy downloads. Overall this makes the website task easier than ever and also increases website trafficking.

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP:

It is the most popular service as it is absolutely free and it has got more than 1 million activations which are actively used. It can even get connected with Google Analytics with the help of the latest Google Analytics tracking code. This dashboard has some features to offer you such as a universal tracking code which you can get by this dashboard.

It can also enable the tracking of events such as email, download, affiliated links; telephone, and many more are there in the list. It supports accelerated mobile pages as well as eCommerce support. It also manages the Google tracking for the author as well as publishes date categories and tags.

Jetpack presented by

This is yet another good WordPress plugin that serves with free security of the website such as brute as well as malware force attack protection, automatic social services which include sharing and mobile optimization.

If you would go on with the premium package here then you would get the chance of using SEO tools as well as advertising programs. Here you can get the smiley alert feature, and access to statistic reports as well as results. You can even track the visitors regarding the region or even country.

These were some power as well as the best WordPress analytics plugins which you can get for your website. You can get all these things done by WordPress development which would work both in the backend as well as at the front desk in order to keep your website working and they make sure that your website is working properly. You can go for custom WordPress development services as they would bring you some amazing offers as well as great work.

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