The 10 Best Online Divorce Services of 2022

With the technological era in prosperity, the divorce process is getting digitalized and simplified. From getting advice on your case up to receiving papers for filing a divorce or performing co-parenting duties, it all can be done with the help of trustworthy platforms and online tools. Go through the top services for online divorce reviews and get equipped properly to get your marriage terminated without extra difficulties. 

1. 3 Steps Divorce

3 Steps Divorce has been helping people in divorce for more than twenty years. You simply access the website, fill out the forms, and get customized papers ready at the very same moment. The services cost $299, with the possibility to cover the sum within two or three installment payments. You can also get $50 off if you file the papers the day you get them. You can also use a range of helpful tools on the platform, counting co-parenting equipment, divorce guides and books, and many more. Yet, mind that the website doesn’t employ attorneys, so if you need professional consultation, you’d better look somewhere else.

2. It’s Over Easy

It’s Over Easy is a premium divorce platform founded by the well-known divorce lawyer Laura Wesser. The website is cherished for granting high-quality services for each and every divorce step. You are allowed to select between two packages to file for divorce online with preferred comfort. With the Basic pack for $750, you will get your customized papers ready so that you can download, sign them, and get your spouse served with the help of the platform. A Premium package for $2500 will grant you all kinds of divorce-related services, including a customized co-parenting plan, assets and debts division precalculation, court filing fees for two, and so many more. The only drawback is that the Premium pack is only available for filing for divorce in New York and California. 

3. Complete Case

Complete Case is a highly user-friendly divorce website. You can easily get your papers ready by following the intuitive process. The cost is average and equals $299. You will get your docs ready after a 2-day review and can store them for up to 30 days to make your final decision. The platform is often praised for its fast-reacting and helpful support team. But you have to know that the website requires full upfront payment but with a 100% money-back guarantee. 

4. One Stop Divorce

One-Stop Divorce is a relatively young platform so it is not ranked as the best online divorce website yet but already gives high hopes. You will get fast and qualitative online divorce services for the average price of $299. Your papers will be delivered either instantly or up to two days after you complete the forms. The great feature is that the website is in partnership with, a platform where you can get top-quality assistance from professional family law attorneys. 

5. Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer grants you a wide range of legal help, including divorce issues. You can reach a huge resource of ready-made answers to get professional assistance there, or you can get connected with a practicing family law expert if your case requires a special approach. Approved forms and docs are also there for you to download and fill out to file for divorce without hurdles. You can use the services paying monthly membership of $39.99 or covering the costs for the docs to download only. 

6. Divorce Writer

Divorce Writer invites you to complete a questionnaire and grants you a ready-made divorce pack after you are done. You will have to pay $229 if you have children or $199 without children. The website offers a discount from time to time so that you can use their services for $137 only.  While having above average reputation, the platform is generally a recommended one. Mind that you cannot use the services in Missouri. 

7. Hello Divorce

Hello, Divorce will help you organize uncontested divorce online successfully. You can fill out the forms online following an interactive guide. You can also use a local library for assistance or book a 15-minute call with the website expert to help you make the best suitable divorce decisions. For a $99 monthly fee, you will get all the named services, while for $199 a month, you will have your papers filed for you in addition. Mind that the divorce platform is a great one but only available in Colorado and California. 

8. Online Divorce

Online Divorce is a divorce platform with 20 years of quite a good reputation behind it. It offers a standard divorce pack for $139 only. After you answer several questions, you can download your custom-made divorce docs. You also get a low price and a money-back guarantee. But with the mixed reviews and feedback, it is not the top reliable divorce website but a recommended one. 

9. Legal Zoom

Although Legal Zoom is a well-known brand, it is not the number one recommendation when it comes to divorce services. While their other services are beyond perfection, divorce field doesn’t meet the top quality requirements. You will get the standard pack at the website, but their fee of $499 is too much if you don’t use any other proposals at Legal Zoom. But if you are their long-term client, you will find the website’s divorce services totally satisfactory. 

10. My Divorce Papers

My Divorce Papers has almost twenty-year-old experience in the field. They offer to complete papers in three easy steps not only for divorce, but for separation, or annulment also up to your preferences. You will have to pay only $139 to fill out the forms and download them. You cannot get your papers emailed to you, though. Additionally, many online divorce reviews state that the platform has hidden fees, so be careful when choosing My Divorce Papers.

Use an online divorce website to get your marriage finalized easily and quickly but choose only reliable and high-quality services. 

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