The 5 key challenges of the pop up shops

The brands have clearly understood this; the pop-up shop phenomenon is the retail trend. No matter what product or service is sold, these pop-up shops are on the rise. And as with all marketing trends, real issues lie behind these original and creative points of sale.

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The pop up shops’ immerses and introduces

Pop up shops share many commonalities, including the effort made by brands to create genuine universes around their products. Indeed, the ephemeral nature of these points of sale creates the event. To immerse visitors in their world, brands are setting up creative and extraordinary devices in their pop-up shops. This is the case of Nike and its New York pop-up shop in the shape of a giant sneaker. On the occasion of the release of its new mobile application, the brand has offered a pop-up shop 100% digital! LED walls outside and indoor application testing, the pop-up shop immersed visitors into the world of the brand.

The pop-up shops create a strong bond with consumers

Some brands are taking the initiative to open a pop-up shop to strengthen proximity with their customers and prospects. Indeed, pop-up shops offer the opportunity for brands to be in direct contact with their target audience. This is the case with Canal+, with its strategy of bringing 40 pop-up shops up and running by summer 2015! Introduced in cash-and-carry shops, the Canal+ brand is sought through these outlets, to install a quality commercial strategy. It’s an opportunity for the brand to interact with consumers and introduce them to the new services offered.

The pop-up shop can launch new products

Many pop-up shops are born in order to promote the launch of a product or service originally. There are many examples, and the concepts are just as varied. Indeed, the brand used drones to make its ephemeral point of sale unique! The crocodile brand uses these flying robots to deliver the shoes to customers: overhead, the drones collect the selected pairs and drop them at consumers’ feet in the pop-up shop.

The pop-up shop is at the service of a unique shopping experience

To create interest in the eyes of consumers, brands have no shortage of creativity. Immersed in the concept of a pop-up shop, visitors discover the world of their favorite products. In this case, the pop-up shop appears as an event in the eyes of visitors who know the shop’s short run. Brands are playing a key role and offer important interactive devices to imprint its picture on the visitors’ minds, allowing them to have a strong shopping experience. This is the case with Birchbox, which, thanks to its Parisian pop-up shop, has offered all fans of the monthly box a place to discover, test, choose, and buy their products. In the presence of partner brands and bloggers, customers were immersed in the world of Birchbox in order to come out with a unique shopping experience and well-stuffed bags.

The pop-up shop opens up new markets

In order to successfully expatriate to new markets, brands use the phenomenon of pop-up shops. The strategic challenge hence lies in the choice of the outlet location, but also the adaptation of the concept to new consumers. To give impact to its market expansion strategy, the brand Le Slip Français has set up a crowdfunding marketing operation. The principle of this campaign is to invite Internet users to participate in the financing of the brand’s journey to the United States. What’s the goal? Opening a Le Slip Français pop-up shop in Los Angeles! Through this system, the brand aims to unite its consumers and open up to a new market.

The digital devices set up within the pop-up shops bring a sense of dynamism and vibrancy to the depicted worlds. As in the event industry, brands are working harder to creatively differentiate themselves from each other. For this, the use of digital devices holds the attention of the organizers and offers the possibility for brands to achieve their strategic objectives. Can we say that a pop-up shop is a form of event? The characteristics of these two trends and the strategic objectives attached to them are similar.

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