The Best IWC Watches You Can Get Your Girl For Christmas

Looking for something extra special to gift to the girl in your life this holiday? Look no further because we’ve got you covered. The short answer? Get her a watch. A watch is a fool-proof, surefire way of getting her something special without the hassle of getting roped into the whole shopping extravaganza.

Here we have a list of the best IWC watches for you to choose from. From sporty to elegant to luxury, IWC watches have one of the best arrays of women’s watches in the market today. IWC, for the uninitiated, has been around since the late end of the 1860s. Its manufacturing operations are located in the idyllic town of Schaffhausen in Switzerland on the upper Rhine river.

Short History

Operating as IWC Schaffhausen globally, the Swiss watch brand was originally founded by legendary American watchmaker Florentine Jones who traveled to Europe when everyone was going West. IWC stands for International Watch Company, and in the first few years of its operations, Jones was obsessed with proving his worth among the Genevan watchmakers.

After Jones emigrated back to the States, the Rauschenbacks took over. IWC then took off as a leading manufacturer of self-winding movements, and in the war-torn years of 1944, it became one of the few watchmakers which outfitted the British army. In the following decade, IWC developed one of the first Swiss-made quartz movement.

Today, the IWC operates under the umbrella of the Richemont conglomerate, the same mother company that Cartier and Chloe are part of. While, IWC has produced several stellar watch movements and launches over the years, it isn’t as popular as some household watch brands. But its heritage is undeniable. Here are the best IWC watches for women money can buy today:

IWC Portofino Midsize Automatic Day And Night

The Portofino collection may be one of the most understated yet elegant collections of watches out there for both men and women. The Automatic Day And NIght in particular boasts of 24-hour display laid on a mother-of-pearl dial. Seventy-eight blinding sparky diamonds complete the setup of the watch face, 12 on the hours and the rest on the bezel.

The Midsize is powered by the mighty caliber 35700 movements, a self-winding mechanism that has a power reserve that can last up to two days. Band choice range from quality leather with a sheen developed in house, or steel links which considerably increase the watch’s price. All in all, the Portofino Day And Night is a beautiful watch you can never go wrong with.

Under the Portofino line, the legendary Moon Phase 37 may be the best alternative if you’re looking for something flashier. While the chronographs in the collection are something to behold as well, you get the best bang for your buck with the Automatic Day And Night. Plus, when taken care of excellently, the watch will age like fine wine.

IWC Pilot Automatic

For the girl with more edge than the usual, who likes the rugged life but still elegant enough for formal events, the Pilot Automatic is a perfect fit. Boasting of an elegant silver watch face with the standard three-hand setup, the watch is encased in stainless steel that can withstand the daily wear and tear and resist scratches.

Despite its size, the watch beautifully delivers all the important features of its regularly-sized counterpart. It’s also anti-magnetic which is hard to believe when seen firsthand because of its looks. An automatic movement with a caliber 35111 serves as its heart and soul, with water resistance to up to 200m.

IWC Da Vinci Automatic 36

The Da Vinci collection has been IWC’s exclusive line of watches dedicated to women. As a collection, it’s a wide-ranging one, with an option for chronographs. Choices of gold or stainless steel with a silver-plated dial and an array of delicately handcrafted bands make up the collection. 

The one in raspberry pink alligator leather strap is particularly eye-catching and is suitable for your niece or the young millennial in your life. The one in 18-carat gold, with a matching case to boot, should make your wife or girlfriend very happy. Otherwise, you can get one of the other three variations just for the hell of it. Because, why not?


Buying a luxury watch may be daunting at first. No wonder, as these watches are the representation of heritage and culture that’s been passed on to generations. While the smartwatch revolution is underway and more and more people are opting to go for the more technologically-advanced options, getting a watch with a caliber movement seems to be the renegade choice.

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