The Power of Education and why it’s important than ever before

Knowledge is Power” – the quote we all grew up seeing on the soft boards of our classrooms. This is purposed to instill the sheer importance of education right from our tender ages. 

This insight dates back to nearly four centuries and is the brainwork of philosopher, Francis Bacon during the Enlightenment. The relevance and significance of his statement is still intact; he emphasized the importance of Education and that it is a prerequisite for the political and social development of human capital. 

Why did he call it power? 

Power gives us the ability to influence others, both financially and socially. Anyone with the power of Education can outwit the physical strength of any other individual.  

I know the Einstein in you craves for more rationales to underpin this notion. 

To understand why humans seek power, it is essential first to examine the meaning of this word. The degree of control or influence one has over others is what we define as POWER

The example of power can be taken as a hill; every time humans interact, they step up or down. Here the powerful individuals who move higher tend to dominate people who are left behind. Therefore, this term naturally draws a comparison between people, and humans tend to respond aggressively to any sort of comparison.  

One of the most effective ways to stack up against others is to know more than them. This is what propels humans to achieve higher education because individuals with high education are likely to attain a dominant position, both professionally and socially. 

Why is Education More Important than Ever Before?

Since the incarnation, humans have evolved significantly in the past seven million years —starting from being cave-dwelling Neanderthals to presently being jet-setting futuristics, we’ve come a long way. But, what cracks my neurons is the thought if we are better off than we used to be millenniums ago? 

As for basics, of course, food, shelter, security, and hygiene have considerably improved, bettering the quality of life. But one major element that separates us from those who are labeled as dumb is education.  

Not only does it help humans create a better society, develop virtues, but also give us a sense of freedom and liberation. However, many around the world are still struggling for it. And then some have yet to learn the importance of Education. Let’s unearth some of the underlying reasons why it has become more important than ever before:

1. Education spreads awareness

Unarguably, superstitions and blind faiths are what bog down any society. False beliefs, misleading people do more harm than good to society. Educational programs like the University of Florida, MBA and other disciplines empower us to question, giving us an analytical mind that tends to seek logic. Thus education eradicates the darkness of superstitions and enlightens our minds. 

2. Education helps us differentiate right or wrong

Numerous researches have been conducted to find the effect of education on the crime rate. Many of which categorically suggested that education reduces the crime rate. According to one such study, increasing high school completion rate only by one percent for individuals, aged between 20-60, would lead the United States to $1.4 billion annually in lessened cost from crime. 

3. It bolsters progress

Higher education leads to better opportunities -this is particularly true for the technically advanced time we live in. This time demands us to continually upgrade our knowledge according to the ever-evolving progress in science and technology. And education enables us to do just that!

4. It gives us a healthier lifestyle

Educated people are likely to live longer since they are mostly good at maintaining a better lifestyle. For instance, a study conducted in central European OECD nations has discovered that a thirty-year-old tertiary-educated man’s life expectancy is eight years longer than the person with the same age but incomplete higher secondary education. 

5. Helps us to be more productive

Let’s face the fact: the more educated you are, the better would be your financial score. There is a deep connection between knowledge and productivity. In this age where the competition is at its peak, education is what helps you in an industry, and subsequently, any country to flourish with a skyrocketing speed. 

6. It promotes globalization

Globalization refers to one of the outcomes of digitalization. Digital education and advancement have helped us attain this. Distance is now no barrier in seeking knowledge across the globe. Professionals from across the borders can connect, communicate, and work together in a bid to build a better and progressive society. 

7. It gives empowerment

Education catalyzes the power to turn your weakness into a strength. The confidence to stand for yourself lies in education. It helps us harness our decision-making skills, makes us mobile, and propels us to empowerment through social networks. It is seen that countries where women had been subjected to gender discrimination, education empowered them to stand up against it. 


There you go, from merely reading the knowledge quote from the classroom’s board to achieving a degree in MBA, I grew up. What this growth means for me is my ability to question, cognitive thinking, confidence, and the empowerment to win the world. To quote famous words of Malala Yousufzai, who herself is a living example of the power of education: