The Role of Technology in Creating curiosity in Students towards learning

“Curiosity” is an emotional element that triggers the desire to understand the unknown. It has both negative and positive connotations attached to it, but when used in the educational sense, it is a positive note. To be curious about knowledge is challenging oneself to garner as much knowledge as possible. There are all sorts of curiosities-  high curiosity and low curiosity among people, and they can be highly rewarding in an academic endeavor. It is agreed that the learner can then fill the level of curiosity with an increase in knowledge. Also, this way the gap between the desired knowledge and actual knowledge attained. 

 The idea is wanting to know more and wanting to know everything. The technological breakthrough in recent times has contributed massively to the increase in the curiosity of users at all levels. It is this desire to know more which is triggered when you enjoy an idea and the excitement about a topic is generated. In the positive application, technology has been highly contributive in improving the learner’s experience and building enhanced curiosity levels in students about a topic. 

 The students have taken assignment help through technology, and this has triggered a desire to take the next leap with the advance topic at hand. Answering essential questions can satisfy the curiosity positively and create a pleasing effect. Let’s look below for the role that technology has played in creating a unique environment in learning. 

Creating awareness of an area is a baseline for further research

 When the student is introduced to a topic and can understand that topic completely then arguments are generated in his mind related to that topic. These arguments can be sorted through discussions and further analyses. These analyses can be researched online through journals, magazines, or watching educational videos. These help the students to move forward to the next advanced level of education and stimulate further development of a strong foundation on the required topic. 

It can change the face of information

 The aggressive appetite in People can force them to explore extensive data and information and flood the source through a lot of knowledge. Getting additional information on a topic will evolve and also change the way a particular item is viewed. It will change the single-minded approach to research-based active participation. The curiosity helps to churn the research to an endless level, and the more curious you are, the more likely you will be to gather as much information as possible. Your whole idea of the concept can change due to the high amount of data collected in that process. 

 Challenge the students to deviate themselves from traditional learning practices

 As a student, I will be able to get all my assignment help from coursework and library if I am following a conventional method of studying. On the other hand, If I have access to technology and I am curiously inclined to make the best use of the portals available to me, then I will explore my options and challenge myself for better performance.  When juxtaposed between the two cases, as a student, I will prefer to go online and conduct most of my research online. I can also verify the data’s through the online journals and databases available. The impact of curiosity, in this case, is highly predictable where the student will opt for a faster, reliable, and encompassing model of studying, which is technologically driven.

Pleasing stimuli created in coursework can further the curiosity to learn

 It is no hidden truth that technology can make the learning process much more enjoyable and reliable. The visual aided presentations can help the student understand better and also elevate the curiosity in the subject. The monotonous lectures and note-taking can be avoided altogether to learn in an environment where the visual graphics helps to increase the comprehension of a topic in a better and much more relaxed manner. Students can also meet challenging deadlines if they are curious enough to learn about a topic and extensively research.  The gaps in information can be easily filled when there is no trouble inability to find the authentic material for learning.

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