Things to Consider before Buying Hair Straighteners Online

You are a neat young woman and you have style. You are always very well-groomed, properly made up. Your hairdresser is your best friend. Only you are a modern woman with a job, hobbies and a social life. In short, you cannot afford a daily visit to the hairdresser because your schedule is overloaded and your wallet will not allow it. You need the best looper straightener on the market. You just have a little problem: you don’t know which straightener to choose. 

No doubt, no days this is the most difficult job to choose the one from the variety of options and brands available in the market. The same is the case with hair straighteners. How you may choose the best hair straightener in 2020? It has become a little easy today. Before buying anything online, you also need to make sure to check the buyers trend of the market that what exactly people are buying from the market. This will allow you stay in trends as well as you will be able to see more available options in the market. 

Things to Consider Before Buying Hair Straightener

Adept of smoothing or curling, you are a woman of the twenty-first century and must, therefore, have the means to master your brushing in the morning before going to work. In short, you need a curler! Smooth, curly or frizzy hair, you are all concerned.

Finding the best straightener can be difficult, which is why this post is available here for you and will help you find the best device for your hair.

1. Interest of Straightener

Unlike the simple straightening iron, the curler straightener has the advantage of making it possible to vary the hairstyles and for each of them, to give a natural movement to the cut. This two-in-one device maintains a natural style.

Gone are the days when having straight hair was the only fashionable hairstyle. Nowadays, we like to change our heads like our shirts. The curler straightener allows you to vary the pleasures, to alternate between curls and smoothing.

The particularity of the curler straightener is the very rounded shape of the plates which makes it possible to shape beautiful curls on your scalp and to avoid the rigid effect of smoothing. Conversely, on a conventional straightener, the plates are not curved and the only option is smoothing. In fact, the curler straightener is suitable for all.

2. Frequency for Looper Straightener

Very often, the use of flat irons or curling irons is not recommended on the grounds that these devices would damage the scalp. Far from being false, this idea must nevertheless be qualified. It should rather be remembered that depending on its quality, the device will be more or less respectful of your hair. Indeed, if the use of straightening iron is a daily gesture for you, it is important not to neglect its quality. Otherwise, your beautiful hair may look like straw.

3. Criteria for choosing the best Curler

To do this, you must choose your straightener according to the characteristics of your hair, in order to find the right straightener at the best value for money. You will find devices at all prices but there is no secret, a good straightener costs a minimum of $100. It is a budget, of course, but it is the price so as not to cause irreparable damage to your hair. If you are a fan of perfect brushing, you should see this as an investment

4. Size of Plates

The size of the plates is very important. The shorter your hair, the thinner and narrower the patches will be. Conversely, for long and thick hair, the plates should be of a large size.

For short hair, it is necessary to opt for narrow plates of dimensions 20 to 25 mm. If you are in this situation, I recommend a mini straightener. It fits easily in your handbag and is ideal for traveling.

Is your hair semi-long? The plates of your straightener will be fairly standard and will have approximate dimensions of 25 to 35 mm.

Finally, for very long and thick hair or for frizzy hair, the plates of your future straightening iron will be very wide, from 35 to 55 mm.

The coating

  • Straighteners with ceramic plates

The ceramic plates allow an ultra-soft glide; the plates do not cling to the hair. This type of coating allows a more homogeneous distribution of heat and is especially recommended for hair that is easily tamed (dry or fine hair). Indeed, this material is very fragile. As a result, aluminum plates with ceramic coating are often found on the market.

  • The straighteners with tourmaline plates

The straightener curlers with tourmaline plates are sold under the name of the ionic straightener.

This straightener promotes hair shine and effectively fights frizz. The tourmaline plates help prevent static electricity from spoiling your brushing because this material can compensate for the overload of positive ions in your hair by the use of negative ions.

The most advanced models will also offer you an ion generator. Curly or electric hair, you understood, this straightener is the best for your hair.

  • Straighteners with titanium plates

Titanium plates are highly valued for their lightness and resistance to time. In use, however, you must be careful not to leave the hair in contact with the plates for too long as this could damage them. Titanium is suitable for all types of hair with the exception of hair which regularly undergoes coloring.

  • Temperature

It is important to properly set the temperature of your device.

Two options: buy a straightener whose temperature exactly matches your hair or buy a variable temperature straightener (digital or manual) that allows precise temperature control. This is very useful for straightening novices who do not yet know their hair well because it allows you to start at low temperatures and then gradually increase until you find the right dosage.

It is important not to subject your hair to too high a temperature, you risk damaging it irreparably; rather follow the following guide:

  • For fine, fragile or damaged hair: 70 ° to 150 °
  • With normal, fine or flexible hair: 150 ° to 180 °
  • For wavy, curly hair: 180 ° to 200 °
  • With frizzy hair 200 ° to 230 °

Now check below here as well the other criteria for choosing the best straightener for your hair. Also, this will allow you to know why it is important to straighten hair at least once a month. 

Wet and dry

This technology allows the use of the straightener on damp hair. If you are in a hurry getting out of the shower in the morning, this option is for you! The straightener determines the humidity level of your hair in order to adapt the heat of the plates accordingly. Obviously, the wet and dry straightener can be used on dry hair without a problem.

Steam straightener

The steam straightener contains a water tank which allows the diffusion of steam during its use. This prevents hair from drying out after repeated straightening. The hair fiber of the hair is thus preserved and the hair feels less attacked by the straightening device.

The straightening iron cord

For optimal use, your curler straightener must have a cord with a minimum length of one meter. Otherwise, it will be less manageable in use. This criterion should not be underestimated. You can buy the best straightener in the world; it will not be effective if its rope is only 30 cm! Check the location of electrical outlets in your bathroom before choosing the right straightener.

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