Tips To Throw A Christmas Party On a Yacht

With the Christmas bells ringing, the holiday season is arriving soon. It’s going to be that precious time of the year when you can enjoy and relax with friends, catch up with your family and close ones to spend cherishable moments.

After several months of waiting patiently and more than a year of battling with the pandemic conditions, it is finally time for hosting an amazing Christmas party. And what can be a better place for celebrating than at the heart of the waterways, away from the concrete jungle?

Doesn’t own a boat? Online venues for luxury yacht rental Toronto has got the perfect solution for you. On such rental platforms, you can browse through the versatile listings to discover beautiful yachts and lavish boats that are most suitable for a splendid Christmas party. 

In this article, we’ve compiled some practical tips that you can implement to celebrate the most unforgettably brilliant Christmas party!

But before that, let’s understand how you can rent a yacht in Toronto from online rental venues. 

How To Charter A Yacht Toronto From Online Rental Venues?

Online rental venues have opened up endless possibilities for non-boat owners. You choose a boost that fits your budget, guest list, type of craft, suitable amenities, etc. And you can filter all these factors sitting from the comfort of your home. How?


Use Google or any other browser to search through the versatile listings. Most reputed sites have a filter feature that can help you narrow down the search. 

Shortlist And Discuss

Once you’ve shortlisted your crafts, you can send your requirements to the owner. The owner either accepts, rejects or modifies your request based on the craft availability. Next, you can chat with the owner with a built-in messaging system to discuss your party plan and amenities. Although the description mentions most features, it is best to discuss everything with the owner before booking your ride. 

Read The Policies And Make Your Payment

Once you’ve finalized your craft and asked all your queries with the owner, it is time for the final booking. The established venues offer a secured payment gateway whether you’ll need to pay the entire booking amount. 

It is always recommended to mindfully read and comprehend the terms and conditions, the refund, and cancellation policies before making the final payment. 

And that’s it, your party destination is ready!

Now that you got to know how to rent your ride from online venues for party boat rental in Toronto let’s discuss some tips to make this party amazing!

5 Things To Consider For An Invigorating Christmas Boat Party

Finalize Your Guest List

Each boat has a specific capacity. The bigger the boat, the higher are the rental rates. You can rent a yacht in Toronto depending on the number of people attending your Christmas party. 

Therefore, even before you start browsing your craft, it is recommended that you prepare your guest list and get confirmation. 

Be wise to choose who would be the perfect attendees at a yacht party as you don’t want to waste your precious celebration with unnecessary chaos. 

Decide The Theme For Your Party 

A grand celebration calls for an extravagant theme. Winter in wonderland, ugly Christmas sweater party, Christmas high tea, Wreath Making Party, White elephant exchange, Holiday Talent Show, Christmas Character fancy outfit theme, and so much more. 

You can browse through various ideas to find the most unique theme for your party. You can even have two or more themes to make the party even more enthralling. 

No matter what you decide, remember to inform your guests well in advance about the theme so that they can prepare for the day. 

Do You Want Boat Decor?

This is optional. If you love the rustic, untouched, natural look of a boat, you don’t need to arrange for any decor. However, if you want to get your rented boat all decked up for the party, discuss the decor arrangements with the boat owner.  

In the case of captained boats, the owner generally provides decor services for an additional cost. Sometimes the decoration cost is included within the rental price. Again, with certain boats available on luxury yacht rental Toronto, you might need to arrange your own decor. 

What Type Of Entertainment Do You Want Onboard?

Parties are never complete with fun and games. From bear pongs, card games to cookie decoration and cocktail making, the options are endless. When you rent a yacht Toronto, you can have your own personal DJ to entertain your guests and dance your heart out. 

Don’t Forget The Food And Drinks.

Food should always find a place in the parties. Oysters, turkey, barbeques, marshmallows, etc., are excellent choices for Christmas parties. You don’t want disappointed guests! Therefore, it is never recommended to throw a party without offering your guests something to eat. The wider assortments you have, the better your party is going to be. 

Don’t forget to note down the dietary choices of your guests. You don’t want your vega friend to feel left out at the party. In addition to eating, having some drinks is also a must. Your Christmas party can never be complete without some wine and bourbon. An open-air bar is always an amazing idea. However, if you’re traveling in a non-captained yacht, you need to be extra cautious that everyone remains within a safe zone inside the boat.  

Don’t forget the ice! 

Varieties are always better. However, if you want to limit your choices, go for wine, champagne, or bourbon. You can always arrange for popular cocktails including, sangria, mulled wine, martini, or margarita. 

Every boat you rent from online venues for a party boat rental Toronto has certain onboard rules and regulations. Ensure that you and your guests read and understand those protocols properly. 

Get ready for the ultimate Christmas party!