Types of jobs that are lucrative in Dubai

One might wonder why so many people are eager to find a job in Dubai. Well, the crucial reason behind it is that the personal salaries are earned here tax-free. If one does not have to pay tax then the average ex-pat salary actually differs a lot. Hence Dubai is one of the top destinations when it comes to jobs.

Here, jobs in Dubai are also said to have very appealing employment packages and in many cases, they are also given accommodation allowance and if they have children then their education is also taken care of. Also staying in Dubai and having a decent job there also means one can have a lucrative lifestyle. But the only thing one has to keep in mind is that here in Dubai, the lifestyles can be expensive as well.

There are certain kinds of jobs which are very much available in Dubai. This place is most into medicine, construction, education, and hospitality and so jobs on these grounds are very common when it comes to Dubai. There are also other Middle East countries that try to diversify so that they do not have to depend on oil mining only when it comes to earning and regular jobs. So for the past couple of years, they have given a lot of emphases it developing the service industry as well. At the moment they are also venturing in IT sectors, banking, and e retail. The government here can see the future in technology and there are a lot of foreign investors who are taking some technology companies along with startups and other professional sectors.

Hence there is no doubt about the fact that Dubai is a hot destination when it comes to tech companies and they also have highly developed internet security and infrastructures.

Now when one is looking for job vacancies in Dubai which are the top-paying job one can think of there? Here are some ideas:

  • Public policy and international relations
  •   Statistical analysis and data mining
  • Web architecture and development framework
  • Algorithm design
  • Middleware and integration software
  • SEO/SEM marketing
  • User interface design
  • Mining and commodities
  •  Renewable and sustainable energy
  • Corporate law and governance

Now, how will one land up a job in Dubai when they are coming from other countries? Well, according to most employers it is always a good idea to land in Dubai and then start looking for jobs there. It is said that if one starts applying for jobs after they land up in Dubai then it can be a great idea because then they can easily appear for the interview if they get a call. Also one can visit the company office if they wish to and then check the job vacancies in person as well.

Once one gets a job in Dubai then they can think of settling down in the city as well depending on what job they have got and what is their contract.