Types of Properties That Can Be Mortgaged Easily

With the increase in expense and inflation in recent years, the demand for mortgage loans is also increasing. A mortgage loan is a type of loan which can be availed by keeping the borrower’s moveable or immovable assets as security or collateral. These assets can include house, jewellery, office space or securities. 

Loan against the property of mortgage loan is available for both salaried and self-employed persons. It is usually taken to fulfill various financial needs such as covering medical bills, paying education expenses, expanding business, and many more.

Since the mortgage loan is a type of secured loan, the rate of interest of these types of loans is lower as compared to other kinds of loans.

Availing benefits of the mortgage loan can get complicated for many people. One of the main reasons is that borrowers are unaware of the type of property which can be mortared easily. 

Here, you will know about the kinds of properties that can be mortgaged easily. The LAP’s or Loan against Property lowest interest rate makes them suitable when you are short in cash. 

What is Property?

The term property has many definitions, but in most common words, the property is anything that is owned by a person legally. It can be intangible (like stocks, bonds, trademarks and bond certificates) or tangible (like industrial equipment, house, gadgets and many more).

5 Types of Properties which can be mortgaged easily

1. Residential properties

Having a house of our own is, dream come true as it provides us with a sense of safety and security. But at the same time, our residential properties can also provide us with an extra financial advantage.

2. Securities

If you require urgent money and your funds are in liquid forms like shares, bonds, mutual funds or IPOs, then you can avail a mortgage loan by giving these securities as collateral for a loan for short term needs. The significant advantage is that one can get instant cash when needed.

3. Commercial property

Properties like office buildings, garages, shopping complexes, and warehouses are also a type of property that you can use to get a loan against property. The interest rate on commercial properties is high because of the high-risk factor. 

4. Land

If you are the owner of vacant land without any build-up property, then it is a valid option which can be used to avail mortgage loan. As the price of land increases with time, you will not only get a mortgage but also increased land value. 

5. Gold assets

You can take advantage of a personal loan against gold assets like gold coins and jewellery. It is one convenient way to meet your personal and professional needs. As gold assets can be traded easily, so gold assets have less rate of interest as compared to other properties.


Regardless of the type of property, always make sure that you are aware of the mortgage loan and types of documents required by different lenders. You can get the desired results by comparing different lenders before applying for a loan against property.

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