Ultimate Guide To Order Italian Cookies Online

It is no secret that Italians have mastered the art of making delicious cookies and various kinds of desserts. Walk into an Italian bakery, and you notice dozens of cookies with different names to confuse you. Sometimes, they even daze a cookie-lover from the gorgeous European nation, where they are invented. 

Whether it’s a holiday or a festival, Italian cookies make a tasty addition to fill the occasion with more sweetness. Now, one doesn’t need to visit Italy to munch on the region’s most renowned cookies. In the modern technology-friendly world, an individual can order Italian cookies online and receive them at the doorstep.

Buyers need to ensure that they are buying Italy-made cookie products from a genuine online Italian food store. Once they have found the right store, their next step is to decide on the cookies they want to buy. The right Italian store will have different types of cookies made by famous Italy-based brands. Below are a few to choose from:

  • Amaretti

Traditional Italian cookies from Saronno, these are crispy yet soft cookies that contain almonds, eggs, and sugar as the main ingredients. In many regions, they are crunchy cookies with a little unique taste than their original version. Amaretti comes from amaro, which means bitter. It suggests that the cookies are made of bitter almonds. When buying Amaretti online, buyers need to ensure that their cookies are derived from bitter almonds to taste the authentic flavor of Amaretti.

Amaretti makes delicious Italian chocolate cookies to celebrate a holiday or a special occasion. There are Italy-based brands that make these chocolate cookies using authentic recipes and export them to different parts of the world.

  • Biscotti   

Italian biscotti cookies are crunchy cookies baked twice to extract extra moisture from them. First, they are baked as a thick dough log. After that, they are sliced into long cookies and baked again in an oven. These cookies usually come with nuts and dried fruit. Although they aren’t too sweet, they make a perfect edible to have with a cup of tea. 

  • Pignoli

Known to be originated in Sicily, pignoli are paste-based cookies with a sweet taste. These are usually topped with pine nuts. The paste for pignoli cookies is made of almond paste, egg cookies, and sugar. Apart from that, some experienced bakers also use orange zest to add flavor to the cookies. One of the most amazing things about the traditional Italian cookies is that they remain tasty for a long time when stored in an air-tight container. 

  • Butter Cookies

Butter cookies are a favorite dessert of many cookie-lovers around the world. However, Italian butter cookies are different and more delicious than its other versions in different regions of the globe. Derived from butter, sugar, and flour, branded butter cookies from Italy are made using traditional Italian recipes. 

  • Baci di Dama

These are classic sandwiched cookies from Italy with a dollop of chocolate. These are delicate cookies that melt quickly in the mouth. Although some people try to make these cookies at home, it is a challenging job to give them the authentic taste. The best is to order Italian cookies online and enjoy their real taste.

Final Words 

There are many types of Italian cookies, and the best way to enjoy their authentic taste is to buy them from a reputed Italian food store. Buyers need to ensure that they are ordering products made by Italy-based brands. They should be well-known brands for making Italian cookies using traditional Italian recipes. In this way, they can taste authentic Italian cookies without traveling to the south-central European country. 

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