Understanding Take 5 Breathing Exercise for Kids

Kids should be well-taken care of in all conditions of their lives. Remember, kids cant work out on their own due to a lack of extensive knowledge. It is, therefore, the duty of then parents or guardians to ensure the health of the kids is in place. That is why writerformypaper.com unleashes some of the breathing exercises for kids in this article. 

In times of distress, anxiety, and fear, the natural fight response takes charge. The heart’s functioning changes, creating a different breathing pattern. Kids, when they are upset, experience some fear and feel weak, and wonder what is happening and why it is happening that way. The feeling is different from the adult perspective because an adult can understand what is happening, although managing the fear is hard. 

In such situations, what do you do? Well, there is where the take 5 breathing exercise comes in. The exercise turns off the stress response and brings the body to balance back as it regulates the heart rate. The exercise is simple and fun, and you can do it anywhere.  

Understanding takes 5 breathing

Children focus on taking five breaths slowly via the nose and releasing out via the mouth while taking 5 breathing. However, there are kids who find it hard to breathe through their noses. In such a case, challenge the kid to imagine they are smelling the nice aroma from food or a nice flower. 

Practicing Take 5 Breathing

Select moments when everyone is joyful, without stress, to practice the take 5 breathing technique. Kids, for example, find it difficult to practice the techniques when they are uncomfortable or anxious. The same applies to grown-ups. So, it could be better if you don’t force or demand actions when there is no happiness. Avoid pressurizing kids to act; instead, find a way like diverting their attention using a picture or their favorite toys to catch their attention. Never shout at kids when giving direction; the verbal words can turn them off and increase the levels of stress. 

Directing the kid’s process Emotions once calm

Take 5 breathing exercises for regulating stress. As for the kids, they want to know that we are concerned about how they feel and that whatever they feel is important to us. When a kid is worried, angry, or hurt, and they calm down, the previous feeling is still in their minds. Such a time is the best to connect with them, give them a listening ear, and assure them that all is well. 


We all feel stressed at some point. Kids are no exception. But then, how do you handle a stressed child? Children, unlike adults, can’t figure out what their negative emotions are all about. In the end, they become worried, not knowing what next. It is at such points you as the parent or guardian get in touch and teach them how to stay calm by taking 5 breathing exercises. Make sure you understand the kid better, give them time to express their emotions, and guide them when they are calm. 

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